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Apr 10, 2007 06:06 AM

Sour Cherries?

Quick question- when are sour cherries in season in the mid-atlantic?

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    1. re: foodslut

      Thanks :) (need to make maraschinos)

      1. re: jpschust

        What maraschino recipe are you planning?

        1. re: Noreaster

          I'm making them using the cheater's recipe- maraschino liquor + cherries = soak :)

        1. re: bropaul

          Depending on where you garden, the recent temperatures below 20F for several nights after the sour cherry trees bloomed may mean a loss of crop this year.

      2. I usually see them at the Waverly Farmer's Market (Baltimore) in time to make sour cherry sauce for ice cream around 4th of July.