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Visiting Alanta...where should I......


Will be staying at the Georgian Terrace.

Could someone please recommend a few choices, please? Our interests include upscale Italian, high-quality sushi, and casual brew-pubs, to name a few.

But we're open to anything different and exciting!


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  1. MF Sushi, on Ponce, is supposed to be excellent.

    Baraonda is an Italian/wood-burning-oven-pizza place that's tasty.

    DO NOT eat at Eno which is somewhat close to the hotel. Have a glass of wine there, but no food.

    1. MF Sushi is great! Italian, Antica Posta is wonderful, there is also La Grotta, and Alfredo's on Cheshire Bridge.
      In Decatur there is The Angel and Brick Store Pub. Wonderful for beer.
      Have fun in Atlanta!

      1. I love, love, love Thai Palate on Ponce (it's right next to MF Sushi)...


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          MF Sushi is great, if you can go at lunch you can save a couple of bucks
          as mentioned Baraonda is a great choice for good gourmet pizzas
          Gordon Bierch is also close to your hotel and they have pretty good beer.
          the Brick Store Pub is the best place for beer in ATL (you can hop on the Marta and get off at the Decatur square/Downtown Decatur exit)
          La Tavola in virginia highlands has great italian. and Murphy's has great food with a better wine selection

        2. This isn't along the lines of the things you mentioned, but Apres Diem in Midtown is a good bistro-type place for coffee/ dessert or a light meal. It's not cutting-edge or anything, but the food is generally good and it's a nice place to hang out.

          1. Baraonda,which was mentioned below, is just across the street and very good - especially pizzas from their wood burning oven. My favorite upscale Italian is Sotto Sotto, which is just across the highway off of Freedom Parkway by the Jimmy Carter Museum. Best in town - fresh pastas, fish cooked in parchment, great wine list and yummy desserts. You'll love it - be sure to call for reservations so you can get in.

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              Sotto Sotto is outstanding. Fritti next door has some great gourmet pizza

            2. Ahhh...I used to live in Atlanta and there are several places I would love to visit. I would eat at South City Kitchen (shrimp and grits), Agnes and Muriel's (fried chicken with macaroni and cheese and squash casserole), Little Bangkok (chicken masaman or avocado shrimp), The Colonnade (fried chicken with rolls and corn muffins), Buckhead Diner (homemade potato chips with maytag blue cheese) and Bruster's (ice cream!).

              As to your specific requests, there is a great casual brew pub very near your hotel called The Vortex Bar and Grill (www.thevortexbarandgrill.com). Too many favorites to name, but you have to try the fried zucchini!

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                Ooh, I had forgotten about the Vortex. I love their sandwiches, especially the black bean burgers.

              2. For Sushi, Thrive downtown just got a very good review in the local paper, and it's not too far from the Georgian.

                1. I love Ciao Bella for Italian in Buckhead. Cozy restaurant in a former home. http://www.ciaobellaatlanta.com/

                  After dinner, find Beluga martini bar across and down the street. http://www.belugamartinibar.com/

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                    Thanks all.....

                    I'll definitely look into several of these suggestions!!

                  2. Have been to Atlanta several times. My favorite places are Canoe (somewhat upscale), Marietta Diner (great diner), and Goldberg's Deli (great kosher style). Oh and Copeland's is good too.
                    I'm not sure where they all are in relation to where you'll be since I don't know my way around the city, but I highly reccomend them all.

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                      Agree with Canoe - really good and great wine list.

                      Sorry but disagree with Goldberg's and Copeland's - I don't think they are at all worth a visit when Tryemdad is only coming into town for a couple days.