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Apr 10, 2007 05:47 AM

Breakfast and other recommendations for Santa Barbara

I'm going to be spending a week at a conference in Santa Barbara. Any particular recommedations for

(a) breakfast joints,

(b) decent sushi or Japanese places.

(c) any other must-eat places?

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  1. Wander around the 1100 and 1200 blocks of State Street between Anapamu and Sola Streetsand take your pick - Anderson Cafe or Cafe Bianco in Victoria Court for breakfast, Arigato or East for sushi and the Restaurant Row on first block of West Victoria.

    Ground zero for variety of Santa Barbara dining all within just a few blocks - check out the side streets too.

    1. No decent sushi exists in Santa Barbara, except for that place in the wharf/fishing place near Brophy's (not on the Pier)

      You must eat at:
      LA Super Rica
      The Brewhouse
      Cafe Luna (summerland)
      McConnell's Ice Cream
      Easu's (Carpenteria) good breakfast!
      The Natural Cafe
      Santa Barbara Shellfish Co
      Santa Barbara Roasting Co
      Chocolate Maya
      THe Wine Cask
      Stella Mare's

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      1. re: Diana

        Good places for breakfast:
        Tupelo Junction
        Cajun Kitchen (I like the one on de la vina)
        Rose Cafe
        Vices and Spices for morning coffee

        1. re: Jeters

          Excellent. This list should keep me busy.

          1. re: kaszeta

            Los Arroyos - very good mexican breakfast fare, casual, order at the counter
            Taqueria El Bajio - very good mexican breakfast fare, very casual, order at the counter
            D'Angelos - great croissants
            Eladios - nice upscale breakfast,
            Andalucia - decent sunday breakfast

            Sushi - unless you really are in the mood, I would skip. Arigato is the best in town.

            Others top places depending on your mood.
            Santa Barbara Shellfish Co - very casual seafood on the end of the pier
            Brophy's - great view of the harbor, good seafood. Best spot is at the bar.
            La Superica - taco stand with a twist
            Wine Cask - California cuisine

      2. La Super-Rica is an absolute MUST!!! Everyone has their own favorites, mine are the pork quesadilla, guacamole, chilaquiles and rice!

        Santa Barbara Shellfish Company is really tasty, fresh seafood with a great view. It's a teeny place with only a counter and stools, so I'd go there for a late lunch on a weekday. It's not fancy at all, just good. There are a few seafood places on the wharf but I've heard that the others are terrible, so make sure you head into the right one!

        1. Tupelo Junction for breakfast!

          1. Breakfast -
            I second the vote for Tupelo Junction.
            Cajun Kitchen if you want a locals dive breakfast joint, there are many locations
            The orginal and last Sambo's is on Cabrillo Blvd. with outside ocean view seating
            Downtown location of Esau's closed recently but there is still one in Carpinteria

            Ask 10 people in town about their favorite sushi place and you will probably get 10 different answers. Arigato seams to usually lead the votes though.

            Be sure to go to both El Bahio & Super Rica on Milpas if you are in town long enough to do both

            Palace Cafe
            Paradise Cafe

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            1. re: Got Cake

              Well, so far you folks are batting 1000:

              1. Cajun Kitchen was one of the best breakfasts I've had for a while. Flavorful, afforadable, and a friendly staff. I might go back.

              2. Santa Barbara Seafood had a nice pair of shrimp tacos at lunch. I'm a little disturbed by how every single seafood place here makes a big deal of having imported New England Lobster, though.

              3. El Bahio is actually pretty close to my hotel. Very good taqueria.

              I plan to hit Bouchon and McConnell's Ice Cream tomorrow.

              1. re: kaszeta

                "I'm a little disturbed by how every single seafood place here makes a big deal of having imported New England Lobster"

                I've always heard that the east coast species was far superior to our CA spiny lobster.

                1. re: PolarBear

                  Oh, it is, but it still suprises me that places seem to focus on East Coast Lobster when there's plenty of good, local stuff as well.