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Apr 10, 2007 04:58 AM

Senderens - Paris

I have booked this restaurant for my trip to Paris next weekend.
Can anyone who has been recently recommend any dishes?

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  1. We had dinner there a week ago. My sense is the menu changes from day to day so trust your taste on he day.

    I had a poached foie gras in a asian stock (Foie gras de canard poche dans un boulilon a la chinoise), very good but a little heavy on the soy. My wife had cured salmon which was "mi-cuit" - great flavor (Dos de saumon d'Ecosse mi fume).

    For mains I had lamb with aubergine (Quasi d'agneau et aubergine) and my wife had pigeon (Supremes de Pigeon) - both were very good. We had cheese (Fourme d'Ambert) and skipped desert as we were bursting. There as a amusse bouche and petit fours to finish.

    My two recommendations: First follow the wine recommendations with each dish (by the glass) they really made sense and complemented the food very well. Some interesting combinations. Second, get them to slow down, the service started off at a sprint and whilst it slowed it did not set the meal up well.

    Bill for two was €233 - food, wine per course, water, and some aperitifs.