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Apr 10, 2007 01:32 AM

Where to take my picky vegetarian mother?

It can be rather difficult going out to eat with my mother sometimes because she's rather particular and a vegetarian. There has been many a time where my sister and I will spend 30 min or so making suggestions just to have her shoot them down. I was looking for suggestions in the SGV for some places that are either vegetarian or that has good vegetarian options. We're already pretty familar with these Chinese vegetarian restaurants (Happy Family, Vegetarian Wok, Bean Sprout, Vege Table <- can't think of the name it goes by now) and I would really appreciate it if someone could suggest other places that we could add to our line up.

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  1. Wahib's Middle Eastern in Alhambra -- she can make a meal out of the enormous portions of vegetarian mezze.

    1. For other Chinese veggie places, I have a list at:

      Mei Long Village has some good options, though communicating may be a little harder if you don't speak Chinese. But they do understand "vegetarian", I think, so probably not a big deal. I like the veggie dumplings, the rice ovals (two different versions - one with chinese spinach and one with vegetables and meat, which can be made meatless), the green beans (long beans), and the mushroom / tofu appetizer (which is actually gluten, not tofu, I'm pretty sure).

      I've heard there are some great South Indian places in like Artesia and such, which might be worth checking out too if they're not too far.

      1. How about Elf Cafe in Echo Park?

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          Hmm, what do you recommend at Elf Cafe.

          I've been once, and everything I've tried was a bit bland. I also thought it was a tad overpriced.

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            I really enjoyed their asparagus soup. I'd have to use the word, "transcendent." I've never had a light soup with such an intense flavor of asparagus! I love love love the garlic-y bean dip and croutons that comes out when you sit down. Salads (I had the kale one myself) was really good too. But I agree... things could use a bit more... salt?

            On second thought, the inaptly-named Fatty's in Eagle Rock was DELISH... though I've been there only once. The moussaka was great. Again, a little on the pricey side (I think that's pretty much what you have to expect with these "healthy" or "innovative" restaurants) but well worth it.

            1. re: amandine

              I pretty much refuse to go to Fatty's because I'm still mad at them for not serving weekend brunch anymore! They had the best vegan french toast in town, and I miss my weekend Fatty's brunch ritual. I understand that the owners want to focus on other things (and maybe don't want to spend all of their time there)... but I'm still mad about no brunch!

              The last time I was there, it seems as if they were trying to go a little /too/ upscale (e.g., the "sloppy joe" was served in phylo rather than on top of toast, and prices were even higher than they used to be).

        2. Not in SGV, but Madeleine Bistro is worth the drive!

          1. Try Hugo's off Riverside? and Coldwater. Creative vegan menu plus meat dishes for the non-vegetarians. They have excellent tea as well.. Quinoa, roasted beets, saffron rice, mung beans, and also sorts of fun stuff.