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Apr 9, 2007 10:55 PM

2546 Cafe (HK-style on San Bruno Ave.): Anyone tried it?

In nosing around San Bruno Avenue today (see separate review of Zone 88) I spotted a very new-looking place called 2546 Cafe and picked up a takeout menu. The menu is divided into a "Baked Rice or Spaghetti" section with the usual suspects (pork chops in various guises, chicken and corn, black pepper beef, etc); "Sandwiches"; "Chef Specials" (more conventional Cantonese/HK entrees at 3/$18.28 including soup and rice); "Rice Plate" a looong list all at $4.95 (11AM to 5 PM); "Porridge, Noodle and Rice" (only noodles are called out, very HK with macaroni, instant noodles, etc.); and "Drinks" (all the HK standards).

It's an attractive looking place, consistent with the apparent gentrification of the northern portion of the San Bruno strip. There's also a new Sugar Bowl Bakery offshoot ("Yummy Bowl") and a (new?) Quickly outlet to compete with the Lolocup down the street.

It's at (surprise!) 2546 San Bruno.

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  1. i've tried some of the 'chef's specials' and it was all pretty competent. the one that comes to mind is the tofu/chicken/salty fish clay pot, which was a very generous serving of big chunky tofu, tender chicken bits, and sparse nubs of salty fish. but of course, a little salty fish goes a long way. it was served very hot and delivered freshness and balanced flavor in a satisfying package. i ate plenty, but there was so much i think more than half wound up in the takeout box for manana.

    and they also offer complementary daily soup.

    several blocks further down the street (south) there's a bakery with pretty good cha siu bow.

    i would agree that the overall trajectory is upwards on this strip, but there are still quite a few old duds too.

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      I also agree that 2546's food is pretty solid; nothing spectacular, but considering the price you pay and the range of options you have, it's pretty decent. It's always packed around lunchtime in the weekend.