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Apr 9, 2007 10:50 PM

Late Happy Hour on the East side?

Does anyone know any good places that have good happy hour food and drink prices either downtown in the San Gabriel Valley? The Monday happy hour at Sushi Roki that goes to 10:30pm is good but are there any other similar deals?

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  1. I haven't been in a while, but the McCormick and Schmidt's both downtown and in Pasadena (Los Robles at Union, next to the hotel) both had late Happy Hour after 9:30 p.m.. This is the home of the famous $2 HH bar food -- including cheeseburgers! The food's not spectacular, but it's passable and you can't beat the price.

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      Thank you I called and the happy hour goes until 6:30pm and than starts again from 9pm to 11pm. I appreciate the lead.

    2. I second the McCormick's and Schmitt's suggestion. Cheeseburgers, calamari and other selections for under $3.

      BJ's has a happy hour from 10:00 until closing. All mini pizzas are half price, drink specials, and appetizers are $2 off.

      Also, if you are not so much into drinks but interested in good Chinese food, a lot of Chinese restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley serve late-night specials at lunch special prices (i.e. around $5 per dish).

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        I've been on the lookout for late-night/cheap Chinese restaurants but have failed miserably at spotting anything.... would you mind sharing a couple?

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          Most HK cafes are open late. Hop Li is more formal, and open until 1 am. I like Phoenix Cafe (great desserts, noodles, soups), and Life Plaza is open late (food not as good, but very inexpensive, including two drinks for one).

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          Thank for the info about BJ's. Yeah, I like the late nigh specials in the San Gabriel Valley. Most of the start at 9pm-10pm and are great deals.

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            Cantonese style late night specials (lunch special type dishes):
            New Capital Seafood on Garvey Blvd/Del Mar
            I think, but not absolutely sure, NYC Seafood on Garvey Blvd/Atlantic in Monterey Park
            Almost all Cantonese restaurants in Monterey Park/Alhambra that are open until midnight or 1:00 a.m. would have these kinds of specials

            HK style Cafes:
            Garden Cafe on Valley Blvd in Alhambra
            Regency Cafe on Garfield Ave in Alhambra
            JJ's on Garvey Ave between Garfield and Alhambra

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              We like to frequent Top Island on Valley in Alhambra, Golden City in Monterey Park, and I think Phoenix Inn has a late menu. All of these cater to Chinese and are authentic, and some of the menu items are off-putting because of poor translations, but they are very good.

          2. Magnolia on lake street in Pasadena has happy hour 1/2 price specials all night on mondays

            1. Yardhouse at Paseo Colorado. HH 3-6pm and after 11pm M-F. Half off all appetizers.