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Apr 9, 2007 08:25 PM

good take-out near USC?

As much as I love to cook, sometimes take-out is a great option, but despite the fact that I live next to a major university, where take-out places should be in abundance, I can't really find any! And those that are around are slim pickings if you don't want crappy Papa John's or Pizza Hut. TG Express for Thai is good sometimes, but being from NJ, I get a hankering for Chinese take-out. When Wokcano on Fig existed, it was really good and fresh, but now that they're gone, I've tried Wok on Fire and it's been pretty crappy. Any suggestions? If not for Chinese, I'll take suggestions for anything. Thanks!

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  1. Try Papa Cristo's. Its the best greek in Los Angeles. Its on the corner of Pico and Normandie

    1. Take-out IS abundant. GOOD take-out is not. Here are some options: Bistango on Fig has decent pasta dishes (I am reluctant to call it Italian, it's "Italian-style"), and La Taquiza (located a few doors down) is the classic Mexican haunt for good carnitas.

      Head to the UV food court for eatable gyros, korean bbq and mangolian noodles (where you pick your meat and vegetables and they stir-fry it for you). All of it is available for take-out, but the food court closes early, so it's not a late-night option. It's not the best food, but again, it's eatable.

      If you don't mind driving a bit, Hodori and Nae-Kwon on Vermont and Olympic (Koreatown) have great 24-hour take-out options. The bulgolgi and spicy tofu soup are great for hangovers. Dino's at Pico and Berendo does an awesome $5 special where you get half a chargrilled chicken, a side of slaw and a ton of fries with this great hot sauce. And I second Papa Cristos. They have a market as well which sells microwave-ready spanokopita and other Greek treats that you can stock up on for finals!

      And Fight ON!

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        I love Papa Cristo's, forgot to mention that in my original post. I was hoping for some places that might deliver, but thanks for the tips on the Korean places. I am so UV'ed out (been here 5 years), I just can't handle it anymore.

        Any good delivery places you know of?


        1. re: JerseyGirlinLA

          You know, I never really found any good delivery places while I was at 'SC. The only places that really delivered were Wokcano and the Thai spots. And all the pizza places. Other than that, everything else is take-out.

          If you do find anything, please report!

      2. Serre's aka Kenny's is/was a USC tradition. It used to be located in that "shack" behind Felix Chevrolet. I've been a customer for 20+ years.

        Seree's Coffee Shop
        Address: 2800 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007
        Phone: (213) 747-8233

        Despite the name, this is old fashioned Chinese take out. Check the hours.

        1. USC's lucky for having La Taquiza (3009 S Figueroa St) right there. Great spit-fire al pastors and mulitas!

          1. I miss the place that existed before the 99cent Soul Food spot took over. Friendly staff, good food, great iced tea...ah well.

            When I went to SC, we'd go to Pasta Roma, Chano's, all the usual spots but were obviously limited by lack of transportation. If you've got a car, then your Chinese hankering should be solved easily enough by hitting Chinatown. If not, I know the DASH can take a while.

            I second Foodie's recommendation of Dino's. So much goodness for so little money!

            Fight on.

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            1. re: MeAndroo

              Ha, I remember Pasta Roma. It was awful even to my college-era tastebuds. And I don't think I ever made it to Chano's before 2am.

              1. re: nimo

                It's surprising what you can handle when you have $4, no car and an appetite.

                I never thought Pasta Roma was all that bad, but my college diet was turkey sandwiches and hamburger helper :(