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Apr 9, 2007 08:18 PM

Arnold's in Mohegan Lake?

The sign('s font) looks like Arnold's from "Happy Days."
It looks like it's the same kind of fare (except for maybe "the fish").

Does anyone know anything about this place?

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  1. I went to "Arnold's" (on Route 6 ) in Mohegan Lake about a year ago and they try really hard to keep up with the "Happy Days" theme . I have heard that in the summer they serve food to your car on rollerskates. They specilize in burgers which is what I had and it was above average quality. I had the three mini burgers with fries and coleslaw and it hit the spot. I never eat fast food but I was in a hurry and the happy days theme drew me in. If I was with my kids in the area I would definately take them there.

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    1. re: sausagekingofny

      I have tried Arnold's several times due to the fact my kids like the decor. The food is eh and the service is awful. We waited 1/2 for 3 grilled cheeses, and the young man behind the counter explained it was because they only had a sandwich maker that held 2 sandwiches at a time!!! It may LOOK like Happy Day's Arnolds, but the prices and the service do NOT match.

      1. re: MisterBill2

        I hope someone buys it and keeps up with the good food. We've always enjoyed great burgers here -- thick, juicy burgers with hearty bacon and thick slices of cheese. We talked with the owner once about the burgers and he noted that he opted to buy quality ingredients for maximum flavor rather than skimp to reduce costs. And the milk shakes/malts are out of this world! Wish I had $75k lying around -- it's in a great location with tons of traffic. With a strong marketing plan, this place could be a gold mine...

        1. re: golightly01

          You would think that it would be a great location, but take it from a long time resident. Most places along there are doomed to fail. I don't know why. Its like the myriad of places that opend along Lexington, between Rt 6 and 202. Sad to hear that Arnold is gone, their shake were really good.

          1. re: randomdude

            i agree with rdude...i grew up in yorktown and the 2 big malls to the east and west on rte. 6 gobble up all the business

            1. re: corky

              Yeah, but not for restaurants (all the business, that is). In fact, the JV Mall doesn't even have a restaurant thanks to the Yorktown Town Board who turned down attempts to add an external entrance to the old one downstairs which I believe killed the proposal they had.

              Also, you've got the strip mall across the street with CVS that is relatively busy.And there is a traffic light at the corner so in theory turning is doable. Charlie Brown's is always busy.

            2. re: randomdude

              Bad news, drove past today and Arnolds is becoming Angelo's Pizza and Pasta. Just what the neighborhood needed, another Italian restaruant.

              1. re: MisterBill2

                Oh no! Not more pizza/Italian in the area.

            3. re: golightly01

              ugh...dh & i ate here a few months ago, after spending years being one of those "drive-bys," and were not impressed. i think the location is difficult because that stretch of 6 is almost always one giant traffic jam so it's difficult to turn from the opposite side of the street, and psychologically, all you want to do is get through that stretch, not linger.

              1. re: blaze

                There are plenty of restaurants along that stretch that seem to do ok.

                1. re: MisterBill2

                  Any one that grew up in Yorktown can tell you that rt. 6 is a disaster. Another pizza place there is just going to go belly up.

                  1. re: randomdude

                    Really? How often have Italian places along there going out of business? The place in the shopping center next to Charlie Browns did go out but it's open again as another pizza place. You're making this claim (earlier as well) that places along Route 6 never succeed yet other than Arnolds (which I believe closed due to health issues rather than lack of business), where is the proof? Bella Vita is still open. The pizza place across the street has been open forever. There's a pizza place in the shopping center with Dunkin Donuts that is open and seems to do ok. There is a lot of car traffic along that stretch and while it is slow at times it doesn't stop most people from driving it.

                    1. re: MisterBill2

                      Places around the area go out of business all the time. I grew up in Yorktown and I have seen Arnold's been many different things. New places that open up are much more difficult to keep open, rather than places that have been around forever. There is plenty of proof.