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Apr 9, 2007 08:11 PM

Ice Creams

I have become seriously addicted to two ice cream places. First is the avant garde artistry and genius that is scoops. I don't even think we can place this man and his work in the same category as other ice cream shops. I believe, very seriously, that he is as much an artist in the medium of ice cream as Richard Serra is in giant pieces of metal. The tastes, the consistency, the odd combinations. I also think he is one of the nicest people I've met that owns a business.

The other place I am clearly obsessed with is MILK (which is freaking closed tongiht, when I am jonesing for a cone). The vanilla is sublime and the coffee toffee was very strong without being too sweet. I am a bit of an addict.

your choices?

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  1. Delicieuse on artesia in redondo beach.
    only open 3 days a week.

    1. I'm not a big fan of ice cream however, I recently had Persian ice cream from Rose Market. Saffron, cardamon, pistachio...yummy!
      S.O.'s Double Rainbow chocolate from T.J's is something not to be missed either.

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      1. re: Kitchen Queen

        That would be Mashti Malone Persian ice cream. That's definitely in my top 5 in LA. If you love Persian ice cream, you must go there. My fav is the rose water. I see you already tasted their delicious pistachio.

        But my preference lately has been Lickety Split Frozen Custard in the Manhattan Beach Mall on Sepulveda and Rosecrans. Get the Vanilla. No take-home; custard is best eaten fresh.

        Mashti Malone
        1525 N La Brea
        Hollywood, CA 90028

        In a strip mall, but parking for Mashti only is usually available.

        Licketly Split Frozen Custard
        Manhattan Beach Mall
        Corner of Sepulveda and Rosecrans, next to Fry's.

        1. re: Ogawak

          Mashi Malone's is a different place. I actually buy the ice cream at Valley Produce but, the label says: Rose Market 1922 Westwood Blvd 310-470-2121

          1. re: Ogawak

            Hmm....haven't been there in a while, but did they close down the Lickity Split shop/factory place in El Segundo? They used to make the stuff on Main in El Segundo for several years. They used to give a discount if you had a membership card for the NPR station KPPC. Guess I'll have to re-investigate. Lickity Split is very good.

            1. re: Feed_me

              Haven't been to the El Segundo shop in a while, but I do recall they closed during the winter months, focusing on the Manhattan Beach shop.

            2. re: Ogawak

              I don't think the ice cream at Rose Market is Mashti. The style seems different to me. The owner told me one time that the gentleman who makes the ice cream has been at it for 35-40 years. His picture is in the store.

              Also, Rose market sells some of the flavors in cups and pints - maybe quarts as well with a simple logo of a rose... If you like Mashti, you might want to give Rose market a try too.

              If you're going for the ice cream by the scoop, you might wait until the weather warms up a bit and the turnover is higher. They will also have more flavors made up from produce that is in season like some of the summer melons.

              1. re: bulavinaka

                Thanks for the tip, Bulavinaka, and for the location, KQ. I will definitely have to try the Rose Market.

          2. Bery 'n Rocky's in the Claremont Village!
            They do an excellent job with chocolate based flavors, I've never seen such a large selection. Just had the dark chocolate cherry today, I think that's offically my new favorite flavor. They also just put out a new batch of peppermint ice cream, not too sweet and perfectly minty...


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            1. re: kathyyl

              I love Burt and Rocky's too, especially the peppermint ice cream!

              But my latest addiction has to be Mondo Gelato Italian frozen yogurt. I get half plain, half tart, with some squished raspberries on top. They kind of mush the berries so there's lots of blood red liquid with small pieces of fruit throughout, instead of big pieces of fruit I have to chew through. It incorporates better with the frozen yogurt.

              1. re: revets2

                making a list for a visit to la and am intrigued by this thread! but the pazzo gelato site says that they are located in new orleans, la??? wrong site? wrong address?

                1. re: sarvey

                  i'm sorry, sarvey. the correct web address is

                  if you do visit, it's a great bohemian neighborhood. here's a couple of tips:

                  across the street at sunset junction at sanborn:
                  1. cafe stella, decent french food and wine bar with a terrific parisian atmostphere.
                  2. silver lake cheese store, next store
                  3. coming soon, intelligensia coffee (cult espresso from chicago, but you can get it from pazzo in the meantime).

                  also across the street is a coffee house/store with a moorish flavor. it's name is escaping me.

                  next door to pazzo, very decent el salavdorean pupusas and two very cool shoe/sneaker stores (one kids, one adult).

                  plenty of parking in the back for pazzo and parking up sanborn for sunset junction.

                  avoid town & country cafe.

                  have fun!

                  1. re: revets2

                    why thank you for the tips! i'll be back for more after a spend some time lurking on the la board.

              2. I like Scoops as well. Have not tried Milk, yet.

                My current rotation is Fosselman's and Thrifty's (or Rite-Aid).


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                1. re: ipsedixit

                  Can anyone tell me if Dr. Bob's has any locations that do cones?

                  I usually get some at the LA County Fair location, but I don't think that one
                  is open the rest of the year, or is it?

                  I'm torn between Fosselman's and Dr. Bob's....

                  1. re: Just Cid

                    I live down the street from the fair and Dr. Bob's doesn't look like its operating. Sorry...But I second the Persian Ice Cream!

                    1. re: ceejoi

                      Last time I checked Zanzabelle in Silver lake was serving Dr. Bob's cones. Call them and check if that's still their supplier.

                    2. re: Just Cid

                      The only place that I have had Dr. Bob's scooped is at their shop in Upland, CA. And it WAS worth the long drive!


                      1. re: sel

                        Or you can just buy pints of it at How's Market and scoop it yourself into a cone.

                        I just became addicted to their caramel and also their Dark Chocolate flavors, still have to find the strawberry/sour cream.