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Apr 9, 2007 07:31 PM


My son's getting married in California and we'll be giving them a party somewhere in Nassau county when they come to NY next March. Any suggestions for a really nice brunch/lunch? We're looking at the Garden City Hotel or the Palm Court at the Carlton. Any one have reviews on these or any other places that are really nice? We'll be about 80 people or a little more. Thanks

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  1. The brunch at the GC hotel is really nice. Classic and very well done. I assume the same to be true at the Carlton. I would say the two may be the most well done (read: upscale) in the area and good choices both.

    I would say if people are flying in, staying at the GC hotel is certainly not a bad thing, making the brunch that much more convenient.

    I think the fact that the hotel is also very central and across from the LIRR is also a big plus.

    Do you live in the area?

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      Yes, we live on the north shore of nassau. We're also giving the wedding for them in California. Thanks so much for your reply.