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Checkers and Rally's Hamburgers ???

A Checkers drive-thru hamburger opened in my area near the Oakland Airport.

I never heard of them before but along with Rally's they have nearly 1000 restaurants across the country. How do they compare to other fast food burgers, expecially In-n-Out?

Surprisingly, there are very few comments about them on the web.

The seasoned battered fries get good comments

Hmmm ... loaded fries ... hot cheese sauce, ranch dressing and bacon pieces ... all together? Anyone tried this?

It seems the fries and burgers are avaliable frozen at stores like Albertsons and Wal-Mart.

How are the shakes, especially the banana and seasonal flavors? Since this was a chain started in Mobile, Alabama ... is the sweetened iced tea good?

Wiki on Checkers
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Checkers...) ...

I guess the chain won't give out nutritional info, so here it is

More than you would want to know about Checkers in terms of company history.

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  1. Rally's is around in So Cal and I think they're ok. The fries are definitely the high point, but half the time they're soggy or over-seasoned. The burgers are average, but they tend to come up with interesting variations, like when they had spicy pepperjack cheese available on any sandwich. Combine that with coupons on the back of receipts and my unemployed period right after college, and I was a regular. Now, not so much.

    1. I'm a big fan of both Checkers and Rally's. I haven't had Checkers in years and even then only went once or twice, so can't comment on it too much, but I remember their burger being very tasty and of good quality. Reminded me of a Sonic Burger. As for Rally's, I used to live on that stuff in college and was so happy when I moved to SoCal and they had one about a mile from me. Don't eat it as much as I used to, but still hits the spot. Rally burgers are a bit heavy and very, very saucy. They remind me of a BK Whopper. And like MeAndroo said, their generous coupons are great for repeat customers!

      1. They've got a few Checker's in the Philly/Wilmington, DE area, and I rather like their burgers. Not the best anywhere, or anything, but tasty for fast food. They are very saucy, a bit like a Whopper as compared below. I've never gotten the loaded fries, seems like that would be overkill.

        1. we had a few of them in my area up until a few years back. for fast food, they were very good; superior to any other large chains in this area. veggies were usually pretty fresh, the burger actually tasted like meat. fries were good when hot, but didn't hold well. they had really good customer service; my dog loved the place because they always slipped a "puppy patty" into the bag. although i live in the south, i've never acquired a taste for tea, so can't answer that. around here, for whatever reason (i haven't paid enough attention to see if it's a wide-spread practice) they tended to set up in marginal locations, and the hassle of getting in/out has done every location in.

          1. The couple of times we've driven through South Jersey along 295 we've stopped at Checkers for burgers. While they're nothing I'd drive out of my way for, they're certainly good.

            1. greasier, less fresh, but good

              1. useta go to Rally's all the time when I worked down the street from one, and actually kinda craved 'em after a while--but it might just be that I got some perverse kick out of saying the words "Big Buford" into the place-yer-order-mic. ("Big Buford"? couldn't they have spent a few more bucks on a quality ad-agency that'd deliver something a *little* less stupid?)

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                  Ha! I actually also found the name Big Buford to be oddly charming in a dullard sort of way. It's definitely more amusing than asking for a double cheeseburger.

                  I remember the first time I had Rally's, we tried it because a Rallyburger combo was $2.22...this is back when I was in middle school. I have no idea why I remember that.

                  1. re: MeAndroo

                    Big Bufords rock, especially when they are two for $3
                    hate the coated fries, though

                2. it's an ok cheap burger...crappy ff though

                  1. Around here, Rally's makes the best fast food burgers in town - that varies place to place though - the Rally's in Toledo turned out a burger that only qualified as edible on the slimmest of technical grounds.

                    I'm not a big fan of their fries - the seasoning is too salty and excessive for me -- you can't really tell it's a potato product.

                    They also make a very good lemonade, in season. Again, YMMV -- Rally's seems to vary from location to location way more then other chains do.

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                      Wow,dont you have Culvers,or steak n shake?, both places make a superior burger...imo that is!

                      1. re: jword2001

                        :| You think the food at Steak n Shake is edible?????

                        No Culvers here though -- and the Steak n Shake here is possibly the worst, and most horribly priced fast food in town. Dry gristly burgers that have little bits in them you have to spit out cause you cant chew them.

                        I think that part of what we're seeing emerge here is the variability of franchise restaurants -- it's wholly possible that different franchise owners have just made different purchasing decisions about the quality of meat and green goods they'll buy.

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                          That's a shame they do a really good job,there is a couple of them in the dayton area,and Columbus that i used to eat at ,and all were good, i think that steak n shake is cooperate, there is one in Mo,and sadly the one closest to my house in Apopka that suck...it happens,the store in Altamonte is great.

                    2. I thought I’d resurrect this thread since there’s a Checkers opening up near me, the first one in this area. Anyone care to add any more info?? I hate to admit this, but I eat a fair amount of fast food, and was kind of looking forward to having a new choice. I haven’t seen much about them here... I gather not very many hounds are hot on the place? Look's like it will be open soon....

                      Uncle Ira

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                        My sweetie pie and I used to think Checkers was a good place and we'd stop often. The last few visits, though, it just doesn't seem to be as good. Whether that's us, chance, or true drop in quality who can say. It is certainly true tho, that the company was bought out and went private about a year ago, so maybe there has been some reduction in quality as a result. You'll just have to try it and see what you think.

                        For anyone who has been on Mars lately and hasn't noticed, they (Rally's and Checkers) are now the same company, and the differences between the two are minimal.

                        1. re: Uncle Ira

                          As far as fast food goes, I definitely prefer them to a Burger King or a Carl's Jr. Out west, they're not as good as In n Out, though. What I like about Rally's is that they tend to try new things a lot more often than most fast food chains, throwing out random ideas seemingly monthly. I haven't been in quite a while, but they were the first place to do pepper jack cheese, smothered fries, and things of that sort.

                          The food is still decent, though I think the one I go to over-seasons its fries now.

                        2. I love the chocolate shakes and the apple pies.......
                          I like the Champ burger but I would go to a near by Micky D's for the fries.