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Apr 9, 2007 07:24 PM

Dodo Cafe near South Street Seaport

I had lunch today in this wonderful place right on South Street, a couple of blocks north of the Seaport. Found it serendipitously. Had a really good, nutty and hearty veggie burger on a crunchy wheat bun (the menu called it "sprouted wheat," whatever that means) with so-so roasted potatoes and a side of field greens. Coworker had a vegetable panini, which she also enjoyed. For desert we had good coffee and a shared a really juicy and fluffy almond cream cake that the waitress said was made on premises.

Aside from the really good food, what I really loved was the atmosphere. It's small and wood-paneled, really sunny with windows on two sides, one of which faces the East River and Manhattan Bridge. Felt a little hippie-San-Francisco, with people sipping coffee and working on their laptops. Completely incongruous with all the other food options in the area, which tend to either be corporate-stuffy or dingy hole-in-the-wall.

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  1. I ate at Dodo the other night based on recommendations from this board - and I have to say, I loved it. Very reasonable prices, terrific atmosphere, not touristy at all. I had a yummy vegan burger and 2 glasses of organic Riesling - I only intended to have 1 glass, but it was so good I had to have another. Our server could not have been nicer or more friendly. Thanks Chowhounders!

    1. Thanks for posting. I haven't been to DoDo since they changed their menu and will need to give it a try again. Did you mean Brooklyn Bridge? (if you stretch your neck you can probably see all 3 bridges).

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        Have not been to DoDo since they first opened. Went to DoDo yesterday for lunch and to check out their NEW menu. They changed the space a little (expanded kitchen) and they still have an outdoor cafe w/view of Brooklyn Bridge. One of the only organic cafes downtown (Zaitzeff, Acqua, not sure about Zen Palate?). We had the carrot ginger soup (hot), roasted turkey w/sprouts, avocado and sun dried tomato spread sandwich accompanied by oven roasted potatoes and Chicken salad (certified organic chicken breast, mixed with dried cranberries, sliced almonds, dijon mustard with field greens). Chicken salad had a touch too much fresh dill for my taste. Salads range from $9-$14. Soup is $3/$6. Everything was fresh, organic and delicious. A new favorite lunch place! (Table Tales is still the best . . .DoDo has better hours) Nothing gourmet or inventive here, just simple fresh food. They also have a lunch club - after 5 lunches your 6th lunch is FREE.