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Apr 9, 2007 06:58 PM

Dan Tana's Ice Cream

One of the best ice cream flavor's I've ever had was the cappuccino ice cream at Dan Tana's. They won't give me the name, and I'm about to dive into the dumpster to get it but before I do, does anyone know the brand of ice cream it is?!?!?!?? I will be your friend forever if you know the answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Both have a cinnamon flavor, both are LA Local & both do wholesale to restaurants


    Brother international

    1. I LOVE THEIR CAPPUCCINO ICE CREAM (and those little crunchies)! I force myself not to eat too much during dinner so I could save space for dessert :)

      (I don't remember tasting any cinammon in the ice cream though)

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      1. re: MeowMixx

        My bad, smoked to much crack, I meant cappuccino, not cinnamon, both places above sell a cappuccino.

      2. Once when we were there they swore that they use Carnation Ice Cream. I think it tastes a lot like the cappuccino ice cream at Al Gelato but I am pretty sure that my husband asked at al gelato if they made the ice cream for dan tana's and they said they did not. We havne't done a side by side taste test though.

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        1. re: roxhills

          I, too, remember a server telling us that Carnation Ice Cream was their supplier. I think they said Carnation made it specially for restaurants....

          1. re: pinotgrisgirl

            It's Fosselmans, they use Carnation for their Vanilla and get the Cappuccino from their distributor. Yes..., Fosselmans Cappuccino Crunch

          2. Have you ever tried McConnell's Turkish Coffee Ice Cream/ available at Gelsons?