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Apr 9, 2007 06:57 PM

guanciale in boston?

anyone know where i can find this meat

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  1. Russo's in Watertown has it. You have to buy it in entire pieces, though, you can't just get half a pound or whatever. I need to find someone to go in on guanciale with me!

    1. Formaggio Kitchen usually has it. Also, Blood Farm has jowl bacon, but I don't know how they cure it -- the flavor might be more like American bacon than Italian.

      1. sometimes lionette's market makes their own as well. call ahead. and maillard, i think i got the smallest pack of guanciale from russo's -- 2 lb!

        1. i would agree with formagg kitchen. south end and/or huron village location. if i remember correctly, you can purchase it like any deli meat, i.e 1/2, 3/4 lb. etc. not expensive at all. i know it's traditionally for pasta dishes, but if you have any left over, make an egg and cheese sandwich with it. outta this world.

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            Russo's will cut GUANCIALE any way you like.

            1. re: olgo

              But you have to buy the whole piece, right? Or was I misled by their meat man? If so, I will be back there for some jowl straight away.

          2. The Butcher Shop (south end) makes their own guanciale on-site. It's excellent.