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Apr 9, 2007 06:36 PM

best East Bay Chinese bakery?

I need a delicious, light, fluffy Chinese bakery cake for a big birthday party. Where's the best place in the East Bay to get one of these -- any favorite locations in Oakland Chinatown?


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  1. I'm not familiar with many of them, but I liked ...

    Princesse Bakery
    317 13th St., Oakland

    1. (in downtown Oakland): Work always picks up from ABC bakery. I find those are okay, but sometimes things seem cold. I love the pork and curry buns from Cam Huong bakery, though, which cost about 50% more and are twice as large. A few years ago I was hearing great things about the custards from (Ruby something?), but that's not my thing.

      1. My family has been going to Kam Land Bakery for years.

        725 Webster St
        (between 7th St & 8th St)
        Oakland, CA 94607
        (510) 832-2231

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          My family used to go to Ruby for many years until Princess bakery opened. Ruby is good for your basic strawberry, assorted fruits flavor cakes. It's also cheaper than Princess. Princess is best known for its Pandan flavor, Durian flavor, Taro and Mango flavor cakes; very popular amongst the Vietnamese and Chinese-Vietnamese community.

        2. Napolean on off of 8th has does a good verison of HK style cakes. I have not order from this branch but have from the San Francisco branch.