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Apr 9, 2007 06:36 PM

Best Fish and Chips: Seattle

I am looking for a restaurant, not a stand, that serves the best fish and chips in Seattle. I prefer crispy, non-greasy, fresh fish.

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  1. Hmm. Non-greasy fish & chips in a restaurant setting. Not an easy call. Perhaps the halibut fish & chips at the Northlake Ivar's Salmon House? Or go for their sauteed cod cakes?

    Or, try the tempura fish & chips bento box at Six-Seven (in the Edgewater Hotel).

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    1. re: fooddawg

      I like the fish at Steelhead Diner (not so much the chips). The fish and chips at The Elysian are awesome.

      1. re: Lauren

        I thought the fish and chips at the Steelhead were horrible. The batter was too thick and the fish had a funny taste.

        1. re: Lauren

          I second the Elysian at any of their three locations, I also like the Owl N Thistle a lot. Paddy Coynes does a pretty good job as well.

        2. Only place i would send you to with conviction would be "Wild Ginger"...yes it's asian, but thier fish tempura is really tasty...well, all thier tempura is tasty. A benefit for going here too is you get to taste their 15 options for satays, with crazy good dipping sauces. It's always busy, with great ambience, and they do a good job. He's been the top game in town for 15 years, moved once, and still knocks it out each time i visit. Tough to find some english blokes or irish boys with any authenticity in Seattle, take advantage of the asian heritage, and trade off for some awesome tempura...

          1. I like the fish 'n' chips at Anthony's take out bar on the waterfront.

            1. Chinook's at Fishermens' Terminal.

              1. The Pacific Inn Pub on Stoneway has a solid rendition; they use a crumb coating rather than a batter, but it's very good. Spuds by Greenlake is also a classic or try the George and Dragon, an English pub in Fremont.

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                1. re: bergeo

                  It may also be worth noting that Pacific Inn Pub has a great jukebox.

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                    I'll second the Pacific Inn Pub.

                    1. re: bergeo

                      Third on Pacific Inn Pub, I want to say the breading is more like panko crumbs. I am also a big fan of Totem House by the Locks (their chowder is great).

                      1. re: ceester

                        Fourth. Pac. Inn was seriously good last night. They could have told me I was eating halibut and not cod; the fish was so robust and fresh. The portion of fries is maybe too much, but like the fish they are cooked to perfection. I walked by Ivar's on the pier today and saw the measly nuggets they were dishin to the tourists, which reinforced the Inn's gem status. I also agree with southendeater's true comment-the jukebox is one of the most thoughtful I've seen.