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Best Fish and Chips: Seattle

I am looking for a restaurant, not a stand, that serves the best fish and chips in Seattle. I prefer crispy, non-greasy, fresh fish.

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  1. Hmm. Non-greasy fish & chips in a restaurant setting. Not an easy call. Perhaps the halibut fish & chips at the Northlake Ivar's Salmon House? Or go for their sauteed cod cakes?


    Or, try the tempura fish & chips bento box at Six-Seven (in the Edgewater Hotel).

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      I like the fish at Steelhead Diner (not so much the chips). The fish and chips at The Elysian are awesome.

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        I thought the fish and chips at the Steelhead were horrible. The batter was too thick and the fish had a funny taste.

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          I second the Elysian at any of their three locations, I also like the Owl N Thistle a lot. Paddy Coynes does a pretty good job as well.

        2. Only place i would send you to with conviction would be "Wild Ginger"...yes it's asian, but thier fish tempura is really tasty...well, all thier tempura is tasty. A benefit for going here too is you get to taste their 15 options for satays, with crazy good dipping sauces. It's always busy, with great ambience, and they do a good job. He's been the top game in town for 15 years, moved once, and still knocks it out each time i visit. Tough to find some english blokes or irish boys with any authenticity in Seattle, take advantage of the asian heritage, and trade off for some awesome tempura...

          1. I like the fish 'n' chips at Anthony's take out bar on the waterfront.

            1. Chinook's at Fishermens' Terminal.

              1. The Pacific Inn Pub on Stoneway has a solid rendition; they use a crumb coating rather than a batter, but it's very good. Spuds by Greenlake is also a classic or try the George and Dragon, an English pub in Fremont.

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                  It may also be worth noting that Pacific Inn Pub has a great jukebox.

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                    I'll second the Pacific Inn Pub.

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                      Third on Pacific Inn Pub, I want to say the breading is more like panko crumbs. I am also a big fan of Totem House by the Locks (their chowder is great).

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                        Fourth. Pac. Inn was seriously good last night. They could have told me I was eating halibut and not cod; the fish was so robust and fresh. The portion of fries is maybe too much, but like the fish they are cooked to perfection. I walked by Ivar's on the pier today and saw the measly nuggets they were dishin to the tourists, which reinforced the Inn's gem status. I also agree with southendeater's true comment-the jukebox is one of the most thoughtful I've seen.

                    2. Daly's Drive-In, 2713 Eastlake Ave E, is a sit-down restaurant, not fancy, but serving fresh breaded halibut and handcut fries -- fish and chips that is among the best in Seattle. Or try your fresh halibut in a sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Good stuff!

                      1. I like Chinook's and Zesto's in Ballard.

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                          Zesto's is my favorite, but I was afraid that constituted a stand, which the OP didn't want......

                        2. Old Town Tavern in Ballard has good Fish and Chips.

                          1. this is MY favorite place when I am in Seattle; the pieces of fish are cornmeal-"breaded", and not greasy at all... Yum, now I have a Big Craving...

                            Spud Fish & Chips

                            Alki Beach, West Seattle

                            2666 Alki Ave SW
                            Seattle, WA 98116
                            (206) 938-0606

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                              You should also check out Alki Crab & Fish Co. down the road from Spud's over by Salty's restaurant. It's located right off the West Seattle water taxi dock. It's a great place to go in the summer, right on the water and excellent views of downtown Seattle and their fish and chips are damn good. I agree the cornmeal breading is pretty unique though at Spud's.

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                                We were at Spud this week. Had fish, oysters, and clams. The fish was the best of the three. I think fried clam strips are a waste of calories, but I do like the "belly clams" you get back east. Ivar's has the edge on fried oysters, hands down. Spud's fries are always good. Their chowder, while not quite up to Ivar's standard, is excellent. Spud at Alki is our "go to" place, whether by ourselves or as a place to take visiting friends and relatives.
                                And on a great weather day, Alki is hard to beat for it's ambiance and people watching.

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                                  Spuds at Alki is actually Ivars operated. Only the Greenlake location is still Spuds. I like their fish better. But I don't think it really qualifies as a restaurant like the OP requested.

                              2. I really like the fish n chips at Nickerson Saloon next to the Fremont bridge. Crispy with fresh cod. They make a good burger too.

                                1. totem fish and chips across the street from the locks. good chowder also.

                                  1. Halibut & chips at Sunfish - Alki
                                    Pacific Inn's breading is nicely spicy, too, and only occasionally greasy.

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                                      Daly's on Eastlake is always good for a last minute fix for fish and chips. Definitely base but good and usually fresh.

                                    2. Don't live in the area however, while visiting last year family and I went to Lowells on the pier. I thought it was great. Is there someplace better??? We'll be in SEA again over Memorial weekend and would LOVE to have the best of Seattle. ... Thanks in advance
                                      KQ :)

                                      1. The restaurant at Nordstrom in Bellevue makes very good halibut and chips. While the location and ambiance leaves something to be desired (unless you desire eating in the men's suits department of a high-end shopping mall), the generous portion of fish is perfectly fried and served with all the right condiments.

                                        1. I was, and still am, a little leery of the Pike Place Bar & Grill. It seemed too much like a haven for people who were uncomfortable in the more informal market, proper. Still, the sign said "halibut & chips," which appealed. They were good, too, and nicely presented. Good fish, good slaw, great location. Staff seemed a little distant and not particularly interested in what their ten-billionth anonymus tourist customer had in mind, but I did enjoy my halibut lunch. They did a good job on the batter. It was a rich toasty golden-brown not at all greasy.

                                          1. Some recommendations :

                                            Emmett Watsons in Pike Place Market
                                            Chinooks at Fishermans terminal
                                            Rays Boathouse
                                            Owl and Thistle near Pioneer Square.
                                            Fado near Pioneer Square
                                            Spud on Alki

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                                              Fado Irish pub on First Ave corner of Columbia. Made to order and very tasty chips.

                                            2. I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Five Spot yet. That is my favorite for fish and chips so far in Seattle. The fish is cornmeal breaded, not greasy at all. And the chips are great. Also, the coleslaw that comes with is also delicious. I haven't had fish and chips at most of these other places though, so I look forward to trying them out. I will say though, that I would never recommend the George and Dragon for food, except maybe their bangers and mash. Their fries are terrible.

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                                                I had a good beer-battered halibut at the Pike Place Bar and Grill, (the big sit-down place on First avenue, not the little stand on Pike Place) that was quite good and not greasy.

                                              2. I like the F and C at Coopers Inn on Lake City Way. It's beer battered, and the most reminiscent of the good versions I've had in England. Some Seattle restaurants do a breaded version, which just seems wrong to me.

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                                                  But how are the chips at Coopers?

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                                                    I've got the answer to my own question. The chips are very good, albeit cut evenly with a blade, not hand cut. Skin on and small enough for a good crispy exterior to stand out. Next time I'd ask for less salt on them but otherwise I was happy with them.

                                                    The fish fillets were really good. A batter that was thin, very crispy, and stuck to the thick fillets the way it should. The portion was very generous, too. Three large fillets with plenty of chips for $9.50. It was enough for a lunch serving for two.

                                                    My only criticism was the vinegar - not really malty.

                                                2. I like Brouwer's version in Fremont. The fish is perfectly cooked and the chips...oh the chips. Hand cut fries. They're so divine! Obviously from my handle you can see why I like their chips.

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                                                    Frygirl, what breading does Brouers use?

                                                  2. Can't say it's the *best* since I haven't tried many places here, but for what's it worth I really enjoy Chinook's fish and chips as well. All-you-can-eat on Monday nights for (I think) $14.95. It reminds me of a good Great Lakes style fish fry---except it's not on a Friday night and there's no wood panelling in sight. The chips are good enough, I suppose, although I generally avoid the filler (other than Mac & Jack's), especially as I've never really cared for any of their sides. I think the fries have a light cajun seasoning.