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Apr 9, 2007 06:27 PM

Shabu Shabu with Vegetarian Options

The wife and I have made plans to have dinner with a couple of shabu shabu virgins. One of them does not eat meat (fish is OK). That leaves us looking for either: (1) a place that does vegetarian shabu shabu along with beef shabu shabu or (2) a place that has both shabu and non-shabu options. Willing to go anywhere from Santa Monica to downtown.

Finally, does anyone know if Shabu Shabu House does a specifically vegetarian plate, or if it's just beef.


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  1. Although not my favorite place, Mizu 212 on Sawtelle has seafood and veggie options. IIRC, the seafood option is a mixed plate with things like shrimp, scallops and some fake crab legs...

    1. Not the best, but I know for a fact that Koji's Shabu offers shrimp, as I ordered it while there last time. They also offer a non shabu menu as well.

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        Koji's also has a vegetarian option--basically, a bigger plate of the veggies and tofu they give you as sides with the regular shabu shabu.

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          Koji's offer salmon as well. And surprisingly, I found their dipping sauces (and the meal in general) to be very good.

        2. Not quite in your preferred destinations list, but Ebizo Skewer in Manhattan Beach does have an all Vegetable Shabu Shabu option.

          Not at all the nicest Manhattan Beach culinary destination, but I have had good burgers and tried the shabu shabu once and really liked it. Though, I don't know at all what a traditional dish should taste like.

          If your closer to the area, might be worth the try

          229 Manhattan Beach Blvd (Cross Street: Highland Avenue)
          Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

          1. TT Shabu on Atlantic (a little north of Garvey) has pretty good meat shabu shabu as well as a vegetarian option. No fish though, I believe.

            Not quite shabu shabu, but if you want a general "dip raw stuff into boiling broth" meal, Little Fat Sheep (or was it Fat Little Sheep) on Atlantic and Garvey can do vegetarian. Just ask them for the no-meat broth. I think it's just boiling water and herbs. They then have a list of food you can pick from with a decent veggie, tofu, mushroom, and noodles selection as well as assorted seafood.

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              Little Sheep - a few locations apparently. When I came back from a trip to China and was seeking out veggie/fish options for huoguo, I was tipped off to this place by Chowhounds. Our visit there was a huge hit.


            2. May be far from you but SHabu Ya does a vegetarian option. It is in Rowland Heights.