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Apr 9, 2007 06:11 PM

Hole in the Wall Romance

Can anyone recoomend a nice, rustic, dark romantic restaurant in the Seattle/Tacoma area or even Portland. I've visted a number of the romatic restaurants listed on the boards here but haven't been happy with them, forgive me, but they all seem to fancy. I'm looking more for the small hidden gems. Any tips?

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  1. Marzano's in Parkland. (A suburb of Tacoma next to Pacific Lutheran University.) Small, (you'll need reservations even on a weeknight), family owned and, most importantly, Chow-worthy as well as romantic. Second would be the upstairs bar at Maximillien's At The Market---especially if it's a rainy night.

    1. il bistro (down the ramp under the pig at the market - is that hidden enough?) fills the bill well as being not fancy, rustic, dark and romantic. the food (italian fusion?) is first rate, the wine list more than adequate and the service very friendly. drinks, dinner and wine for two about $100 without trying too hard.

      1. Even farther down Post Alley, past Il Bistro, is the Alibi Room. With it's exposed brick walls, minimal candlelight and cosy corner tables, it's a great "secret" place for dinner. They've recently changed chefs, but it's still good, simple, fresh from the market food.

        I took some friends from NYC there when they were visiting, and they later said it was exactly how they had imagined Seattle.

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          Alibi Room came to my mind too! It's a bit difficult to find the first time... making it seem a bit more "secret."

        2. So the places people are mentioning here all seem to be still a little fancy, if you are looking for down to earthy-fun romantic date places, I have to say, my current BF (of 9 months) took me to Flowers on the ave for our first date. Don't get me wrong, it is not all that hidden. But the crowds that I've always seen at lunches were absent, it was quiet, unique, and had nice dim lighting, yet served extremely good food to all tastes and nice glasses of wine as well as a damn good martini...

          1. i seem to recall El Gaucho being pretty dark/romantic although it's definitely not a hole in the wall or rustic; if you avoid the steaks (or are willing to split entrees) you might be able to get by relatively cheaply