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Apr 9, 2007 05:45 PM

Where should we eat on Wednesday night?

So, I have a colleague in from Chicago on business this week & my boyfriend & I are taking him out to dinner on Wednesday night. The trouble is, I've been so buried in work for the past 6 months, I have no idea where to go! I was thinking of BCD Tofu House in the Valley...just because it's so yummy or maybe Hungry Cat just because the cocktails are PERFECT...but I can't think of where else to consider. Even though the company is paying for it, I don't want to go to high-end, my colleague would feel out of place in that kind of environment. I just want someplace where the food & atmosphere are great & the hipster doofus quotient is kept to a minimum. Anywhere in the Valley or LA is up for consideration. All ideas will be considered...thanks!

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  1. Josie in Santa Monica is one of my favorite restaurants and they do a prix-fixe Farmers' Market dinner on Wednesday nights based on what inspired them that day at the Market. Although it's not cheap, it will be delicious! I think it's about $30-40 per person for several courses.

    1. I know you said no high end, but the patio at Michael's in SM would be a nice choice.

      Campanile and Luna Park might be good; no hipster doofi in general.

      You might also think about Rustic Canyon.

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        Thank you for the recs....I'm a little leery of RC, though. I just haven't heard very good things about I wrong?

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          I've never had a bad meal here. Then again, I don't veer much from my tried'n'trues. I always get a wedge salad for an app, but my stepmom swears by their stuffed mushrooms. I always get a lobster for my main; the steaks are good, but if you don't want them sizzling in butter, speak up. They're also really good about cooking the steak to your order, and if they screw it up, they've (in my experience) been oh so kind about recooking a new one. As for sides, I always get a head of broccoli and sometimes the broiled tomatoes (really good and simple). From biting off of others', I have found that the baked potato, shoestrings, and the sweet potato casserole thing are all good. The only thing I was disappointed with was the cheesecake, but the creme brulee and the bread pudding are both good.

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            I think that "RC" maybe was meant to be an abbreviation for Rustic Canyon rather than Ruth's Chris.

            I have had kind of bad meals at Rustic Canyon, but both were during the first two months that it opened. I'm hoping (based on posts here) that it's gotten better.

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              Yeah, my bad. I don't know why my mind went there considering it wasn't in the previous thread... Guess my mind was already turned off at that point last night... my apologies.

      2. Does your colleague like bbq beef? If so, check out Gochi in Encino off of Ventura Blvd and Reseda. It's like Gyu-Kaku but much better. Get the premium kalbi dinner. The meat is so good there. You grill your own meats, and dinner comes with miso soup, salad, and california rolls. It's not super high end, but not cheap, so good place for company to pay.

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          I like Gochi (Goichi?) I reccoment the tongue!

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