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Apr 9, 2007 04:52 PM

Lunch suggestions around California Pacific Medical Center/CPMC?

Greetings all,

Did a search for lunch options within walking distance of California Pacific Medical Center on Webster in San Francisco, saw multiple mentions of Chouquet's and Chez Nous, but the last conversation was over 6 months ago. Wanted to hear if anyone has any other spots I should consider that have opened recently, or were not mentioned in the other threads?

Cheers & TIA,


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  1. I like Chez Nous for lunch, I have not been there for 6 months but it has pretty much remained the same each time i have been there.

    Vivande and piccolo wine bar on Filmore and Calif. I had a nice lunch there a few years ago curious to know if there are any recent experiences.

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    1. re: Lori SF

      Thanks Lori. Vivande was mentioned by a number of posters as well.

      1. re: Eugene Park

        Vivande is great - some argue about the prices relative to the type of restaurant, but most would concur that the pastas are top notch. Chez Nous is always good for the French small plates type of dining - perfect for lunch.

        1. re: poulet_roti

          Thanks for the perspective on Vivande. It's good to know I have a few decent choices in the area.

    2. I like the La Boulange at 2043 Fillmore. Sandwiches, burger, soups. No table service, in case that makes a difference to you.

      1. there's the peruvian place (far from new) on the east side of fillmore,
        and the much newer vaguely cajun place, on the west side.
        i once had a very fine breakfast at the fancier french place (not chez nous, on the east side of fillmore).
        sorry, i'm so crappy with names.
        if you just walk a few blocks up and down fillmore, you'll see what i'm talking about.

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        1. re: echo

          Elite is the Cajunesque place but they don't serve lunch.

        2. There is quite a good sushi place (sorry, can't remember the name) on the west side of Fillmore between Sacramento and Clay.

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          1. re: goingoutagain

            That would be Ten-Ichi. Very nice, it's been there for years and years too...

            1. re: seadrifter

              I would second the recs for Chez Nous or Ten-Ichi. Ten-Ichi is very good Japanese in an ok atmosphere. Note that this is a neighborhood restaurant -- not really a "destination" restaurant. The service really varies dependent on how busy they are. Very good service at the sushi bar. Also note that they close at 2 -- in case you're looking for a late lunch.

              Chez Nous is good if you're looking for something a little more upscale. Very good small dish Mediterranean.

              I avoid Vivande because the prices drive me crazy. I avoid Fresca because I have never really understood Peruvian - but many think their ceviches are fantastic. I avoid La Mediterranee because the service is terrible. This "avoid" list could go on and on, but I think it's because I've lived in the area for 5 years. Just please don't go to the Grove.

              Bittersweet Cafe is on Fillmore b/w Sacramento and California if you're ready for an afterlunch sweet of some sort. Great coffees with coffee from Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

              I can't think of where echo is talking about -- "fancier french place" ...

              If you're around through to dinner, I'd suggest walking up to Jackson Fillmore for good pasta in a neighborhood-y restaurant. I'm a creature of habit lately, and the chance you'd see me at the bar with a plate of pasta in front of me is very high. :)

              1. re: Fig Newton

                I haven't been there for a while, but Curbside Cafe is nice. Nothing memorable, but reliably good.

                La Salsa is a typical chain of that type. I don't remember what I ordered there, just that it wasn't offensive. I read the one thing they do well is the fish taco.

                1. re: rworange

                  I respecfully disagree about Curbside -- it reminds me of food that you get in mediocre hotel restaurants. Not the best example of what the area has to offer.

          2. Harry's Bar (Fillmore between Pine&California) serves a very good hamburger.