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Apr 9, 2007 04:44 PM

Madrid - Leganes/Getafe restaurant suggestions

I am going to be spending 6 wonderful weeks at the University of Carlos III de Madrid, in Leganes (the polytechnic campus), on the outskirts of Madrid. I need some good ideas of restaurants in the area, or in Getafe (which I hear is right next to Leganes). Also, I am free to travel anywhere else in Madrid by metro.

Potentially, I will need to be eating dinner around somewhere every single night for those 6 weeks. They already feed me two meals a day (breakfast and lunch), so I'd only need a few suggestions for those meals. Mainly I want dinner/tapas/etc suggestions. Please help me!


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  1. Hi Ekomega,
    Carlos III is a very modern University and also has a nice campus,so I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay.

    Nonetheless,I must tell you that there's nothing interesting to do or see in Getafe or Leganés ( besides a huge American "shopping outlet" or an Ikea).They're working-class dull suburbs with no real touristic interest.With the large number of immigrants that've been coming to Spain this last 10 years,they've become quite multiethnic and have large Arab,Colombian,Polish and Romanian communities so if you're into ethnic food you may find something interesting there.

    I'd recommend you to take the Metro and go to the city ( Madrid);it's only a 20-25 minutes ride to both modern and old Madrid.Metro system is fantastic and very cheap ( 10 rides for only 6'80 €).

    For any other questions that you may have, feel free to ask!

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      Thanks for the reply. I guess I should check the other general Madrid threads. I was figuring I'd have to travel to the city.

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        Getafe is pretty terrible. But taking the Cercanias train or the bus from Madrid is not that bad. About 30 min from Atocha. In Getafe I highly reccomend the bocadillo shop off campus. Go past the campus book store, keep walking till you get ouside the campus gate, go up and around the schwarma place (OK) and make a left at 1st available left, then walk till you can make a right. On the little open ugly plaza there is an AMAZING sandwich place. You can make the creation of your dreams. They have everything. It is also staffed by two incredibly nice women. This walk will take you all of 3 min.