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Apr 9, 2007 04:29 PM

Seasonal guide to fish and produce

anyone know where i could find something like this online?

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    1. My local newspapers have weekly lists in the food section. Available both "hard copy" and online. Food section in the local newspapers is available on Wednesdays.

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        Beyond what alan408 suggests, you might check to see if your local farmers' market has a website. Many of them will list what is in season or coming into season locally.
        For fish, check with your State Department of Natural Resources for what fishing seasons are open. Then you'll know what is likely to be available. Either to catch yourself or to look for in a local fishmarket.
        Nothing will really replace long term shopping at a good local farmers' market, getting to know the vendors and what they grow. You'll come to understand the changes of season where you live. We're so out of tune with Nature now that we have come to expect asparagus and fresh raspberries for Christmas dinner and have lost the joy of their first appearance in their true seasons.

      2. Here's a produce guide done by some states:

        Here's a great resource for fish that I learned about on Chowhound: I like the pocket-sized guides.