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Apr 9, 2007 04:28 PM

Intimate Wedding Dinner, St Petersburg

We're having a small beach wedding and looking for a nice place to have our dinner--not in a hotel ballroom. We're planning on about 40 people; our rehearsal dinner will be at Columbia so we're open to just about any other kind of cuisine (particularly if you know a great Italian place!). We'd appreciate any ideas for great-tasting food in a pretty room, the closer to the beach the better.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Italian and beach are an unlikely combination. One place for seafood that I'd recommend that is excellent is Guppy's in Indian Rocks Beach. I think if you call them ahead of time, and if you could eat before 7P, then they could sit all of you in one of their rooms. The key would be eating at a time when others are not eating, and to arrange this ahead of time.

    1. How about the Wine Cellar in North Redington Beach. I have to a few functions there and have been fairly happy with them. Plus, they have a number of different size private rooms..


      1. How about Gratzzi? They are located in Baywalk,, downtown St. Pete, and the restaurant is beautifully furnished, they have several private rooms, and I really like their food. One block closer to the beach than Columbia...

        I would also give a call to the Pearl on Treasure Island. The proprietor, Karim, does wonderful tapas and continental. They are only open for dinner, so as Tandoori Girl said, if you could time it for lunch hours, I'm sure they'd work with you. That one's only a block from the beach.