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Apr 9, 2007 04:22 PM


2 observations from a recent visit:

Brandy's for breakfast: nice atmosphere, but spotty service, burnt tasting coffee, and questionable French toast.

Beaver St. Brewery for dinner: overall a pleasant experience, tolerable for kids, mediocre pizza

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  1. As far as breweries go, I kinda dig Flagstaff brewery better, food-wise. Their "stink burger" is off the chain -- full of garlic and bleu cheese. It's a flavor bomb. And when the weather's nice, it nice to chill out on the pation. I used to hit it up after my soccer games.

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    1. re: grrlscout

      I like Asian food. Some of my favorites are in Flag. Szechuan Chinese is the best Chinese buffet in the state I think, on Milton (Rt. 66) opposite the Bookmans mall. China Star buffet, farther east on Milton isn't bad either. Also, my favorite Thai restuarant anyplace is Dara Thai on San Francisco Street. There's a highly touted Korean place in Flag, too, Corea, but sorry to say it's not good.

      1. re: werewolf

        I've always wanted to try Dara Thai, as I saw on their website that they have my favorite dish -- drunken noodle.

        I did try Corea once too. I made the mistake of ordering sushi. Bad, bad idea.

        1. re: grrlscout

          I did try Corea once too. I made the mistake of ordering sushi. Bad, bad idea.


          I can believe it! You know, I really wanted to like that place. Korean food is amongst my favorites and the owner is friendly and he drives all the way down to Phoenix to buy ingredients and he has neat signs about authentic Korean cuisine pasted on the walls, and with all the Asian tourists visiting the Canyon there is a big market for good Asian food up there...but...ugh.

          Hope you didn't get sick from the sushi.

          Oh, another Asian place I like in Flag is the Delhi Palace Indian restaurant by the Walmart. It is excellent. the only thing I didn't like there is that twice they tried to overcharge me on my bill. Maybe it was just a coincidence...

          1. re: werewolf

            Luckily I didn't get sick. It was just that it used canned tuna. I was stunned.

            I think I went there because I had my dog with me and they had a table outside. My pooch scored some sushi that day. :c )

        2. re: werewolf

          Can you say why you thought Corea House was bad? I generally recommend it. I've had a couple of really great lunches there, just ordering whatever the owner told me I should order. Granted, I am a small town girl with little reference as to what authentic Korean food tastes like, but the food I've had there has been delicious and unique. I'm interested in why you think it's not good.

          1. re: renshiwo

            It's been about a year since I've been there now. I was there several times, all very disappointing. The quality and quantity of the side dishes (this is the specialty of Korean restaurants) was rather pathetic, and the last time I went the quality of the meat was awful, inedible.

            Other places in AZ are more auspicious Korean-restaurantwise. I know of a most excellent Korean restaurant in Tucson, and a good one in Sierra Vista, and I used to know of two excellent Korean restaurants in the Phoenix area, but I'm not sure about those two now, tho I'm sure there are other good ones in and around Phoenix that I don't know about.

      2. Has anyone been to Los Tacos Altos, a little fast-food Mexican joint on the east side of Flag? The first time I went I fell in love with the place. They have fresh watermelon and pineapple juice (aguas fresca) that is amazingly good. The food is quite good as well. I love their carne asada chimi and their breakfast burritos. I have stop there every time I pass through now.

        I like Granny's Closet too. They serve up some decent comfort food.

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          I stumbled upon Los Altos (next to Arby's) when I was driving through Flagstaff at the end of December. Jason, I agree with you, it is a real find. And the folks eating there were regulars who seemed to really appreciate it. I had the best green pork burrito ever. Every thing else looked really good.