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Apr 9, 2007 04:21 PM

Thai tea and kaya jam

After a recent South East Asian trip, I am looking to recreate some of the lovely meals I had. Does anyone know where I can get thai tea necessary for making thai iced tea? Also has anyone spotted Kaya being sold? Would Ranch 99 be the place to find these goodies?

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  1. In the East Bay, you may wanna try Tuk Tuk Thai & Asian Market on University Avenue. And I have definitely seen Kaya being sold at Ranch 99 ... I've never tried it so I have no idea how it'll taste like though. Happy food hunting!

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      I won't be going to Berkeley. Any other thai markets in the South bay? Does Ranch 99 have thai tea?

    2. My aunt lives in Thailand and usually sends me large quantities of thai tea. I have some left over until she sends another pkg. I'd be happy to send you some if you can't find it.

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      1. re: ceejoi

        Thanks for your kind offer. I will have a look around first and let you know.

      2. Funny, I had my mom bring back some Killiney brand kaya from Singapore earlier this year, and now I've just discovered similar stuff at Ranch 99. Even Berkeley Bowl sells it too, in their asian foods aisle.

        1. To follow-up, Ranch 99 has two brands of kaya (one in a glass jar in two different sizes, one in a can). Both have food coloring. Instead, I just bought kaya spread from Marina Market in Foster City. In addition to the same glass-jar kind as Ranch 99, they had the "Glory" brand "Hainanese Kaya With Honey" made in Singapore. This doesn't have food coloring or preservatives.

          I have yet to try it.

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            Mark P from recent posts it appears as if hungryann has returned to Montreal. But for future foraging for Thai food this looks like a great list.