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Apr 9, 2007 04:13 PM

Recommendations for Louisville, Co

I am attending a workshop next week in Louisville and will be staying at the La Quinta near the Denver-Boulder Turnpike (highway 36).

Does anyone have recommendations for decent places to eat close by, preferablly within walking distance? Even if it is a chain or whatever, no matter; I am Canadian and do not know the better of some of the American chains. I realize the choices are probably quite limited, but I might as well ask!

I already have plans to try and get to Frasca in Boulder and Efrains in Lafayette, but need some ideas that are really close by as I will likely be working in the evenings.


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  1. To quote Rick Reilly: "La Quinta: It's spanish for next to denny's".
    Seriously, Spice China is just around the corner on McCaslin and I think there is a new sushi place in the plaza at the NE corner of the intersection. I have not been yet, but I think it has been talked up on this board.

    1. 3Margarita's is a local Mex chain. I think it's a couple blocks from the hotel.
      I haven't been to the one in Louisville, however the one in Arvada is a favorite.

      If you can get to old town Louisville try Pasquini's or the Blue Parrot.

      1. If you get to Frasca around 5:30 you stand a good chance for a seat at the bar. Good luck!

        If you go into Old Downtown Lousiville, Pasquini's has good food but the place has been filthy lately. And, stay far, far away from the Blue Parrot! It's absolutely abominable. I've never understood it's following unless people really enjoy getting nauseated! However, Tulien's has decent Vietnamese food. On McCaslin, there is good Italian at Via Toscana and a very nice Indian place called Maharajah just west of McCaslin off of Dillon Rd.

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          Another vote for a couple here already - Via Toscana is good and, on occasion great. 3Margarita's is a chain but decent, Efrain's in neighboring Lafayette is better and real "local."