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Apr 9, 2007 03:54 PM

Tequila or Mezcal in Denver

I will be in Denver next week and want to buy a decent bottle of Tequila or Mezcal to bring home. Does the Denver airport duty free have a good selection, or am I better off buying a bottle beforehand?

Also, can anyone provide a recommendation? All I know about these are to buy something that says 100% agave. Are there any bands / labels that are a particularly good value? I'm no connaisseaur and do not want to spend a bundle for something really special, but I do want something decent (i.e. it will not be mixed).


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  1. Truely your best bet would be to go to a bar that serves and is known for its selection on a Friday night, try out a few and then make sure you go to a larger liqour store on Saturday (like Argonaut - which is in Central Denver near downtown on Colfax or AppleJack liqour off I-70 near Central City but a nice drive, sorta -- both have great selections and very helpful and honest staff) since our liqour stores are not open on Sunday here in Colorado.

    Some places you can try:

    Mezcal on Colfax in Central Denver, La Cueva on Colfax near Dayton in Aurora are two restaurants that come to mind. Both have great selections and I know that at La Cueva you will be treated very well.

    You will not get anything decent (probably Patron Silver, which isn't bad but readily available) duty free at the airport, if there is a duty free shop.

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      In any case, I don't believe that you can buy booze at a duty-free shop unless you have a boarding pass for an intl flight.

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        I will be flying from Denver to Toronto.

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