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Apr 9, 2007 03:47 PM

Mexican in New Haven (Lower Chapel Street)

I've heard good things about a fairly new (6 months maybe, but time flies) Mexican restaurant on lower Chapel Street. I think it's small and "neighborhood". Anyone eaten there? Reports? And, at a pretty basic level, name and location?


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  1. You may mean Guadalupe La Poblanita, 136 Chapel St. Muy authentico.

    1. We Love Guadalupe, try the roast goat and the gordita's. Great Mexican Beer selection.

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      1. re: chefstu

        Do they still keep the same early-close hours they did in the old location?

      2. I am a native Texan from San Antonio lived in New Haven for a couple of years. Hands down my favorite Mexican food place was on Mechanic Street near CO Jones and the Pantry. (I would recognize but can't recall the name). I used to go there and get so worried that is was always empty. They had good queso flameado and dos equis lager! Now, back in Texas, I can eat Mexcian food 5 times a week but I really miss:
        good italian food
        lobster rolls
        non-chain ice cream places

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        1. re: adewaal

          That place (El Charo Alegre) on Mechanic Street closed, but has recently reopened as Mezcal. Much more crowded than before. I never went to El Charo Alegre, but had a better-than-decent meal at Mezcal recently.

          1. re: elltea

            That was it! I am so sorry it I said it was often empty and that made me a little nervous.

            1. re: adewaal

              hi there, I was the owner of EL Charro ALegre on State St. Thank you and the many customers that for 16 plus years enjoyed our food .

              1. re: adewaal

                Hey, i forgot to mention , go to El Mezcal, on the same place as El charro Alegre , I have visited them and they cook good , well, also, you never know , we can always come back to state street again, same place, better food. in the future.

                1. re: anairis

                  Are you the owner of El Charro, on Grand? Do you have any restaurants now? What can you recommend in the area besides Mezcal?

          2. I, too, love Guadalupe. Their Mole is terrific, as are the Chiles Rellenos and tamales. They close around 8, however, and don't take credit cards. They're on Chapel Street in Fair Haven, just past Blatchley.