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Apr 9, 2007 03:32 PM

Open bottle of wine - how to store?

Hello - Often I will open a bottle of either red or white, and not finish it for a few days or a week or so. How should I store it to keep it fresh? I've had too many bottles of vinegar that I've tried to drink after having them open for a week. I have a bottle stopper that I usually use which I think is airtight - any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. If there's already a couple of inches or more of air in the bottle, the stopper, whether airtight or not, will do nothing to prevent oxidation. Solutions range from decanting the wine upon opening into smaller bottles (leaving no headspace and sealing them immediately) to using an inert gas preservation system to freezing the wine. See for a recent discussion on the subject and links to other discussions.

    1. A simple solution is to keep a "Clean-Half-Bottle & Cork" around so when you
      open a full bottle just immediately fill up the "Half-Bottle" top the top and cork
      it, so you have eliminated the exposure of the wine to air. Enjoy the other half
      in the bigger bottle that moment and your "Half-bottle" should see a longer life......

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        This method plus refrigeration for both red and/or white wine is about the most effective for the cost involved.

      2. You have, basically, three choices:
        1.) Use a pump/stopper system (Vac-u-vin, or similar) and refrigerate.
        2.) Fill with inert gas - nitrogen, argon, etc. and refrigerate
        3.) Use a smaller bottle with stopper and refrigerate

        In all of these, you might need to allow the wine to warm a bit, before consuming.

        Oh, there is a fourth: call up a few wino friends and never have any "leftovers."