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Apr 9, 2007 03:15 PM

Brunch at Campton Place

My husband and I enjoyed Easter Brunch at Campton Place yesterday. It was an a la carte menu, of which we each got three courses.

I started with the Seasonal Fruit Plate (honeydew, canteloupe, watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries). It was very fresh and delicious. I then had the Lobster Frittata with asparagus and goat cheese. It was very light, but the seasoning was a bit sparse. The goat cheese was a great addition, but it still needed a generous dousing of salt and pepper. On the side were potatoes, which had a nice flavor but were a little mushy for my taste. For dessert, I got the White Chocolate Mousse tart, with a bit of meyer lemon curd in the shell, coffee cookies and a serving of Cocoa Nib ice cream. It was very good! The portions were a nice size - not too big or too small.

My husband started with the Asparagus soup, with lobster and black truffles. I wish there had been a bit more of the soup part, but there was a nice piece of lobster and several truffle shavings. It was very tasty. He then had the Crab Cake Benedict, which was very good! The crab cakes had a nice crust on them, and a generous amount of crab. The egg was perfectly cooked and the hollandaise was wonderful. It was served with a salad. For dessert, my husband had the French Toast, which is highly recommended. It takes 12 min. to prepare, which they told us, but it is worth it! It is made with sassafras, which creates a crusty but moist topping on the toast. It is served with goat cheese ice cream, which we both really liked, and kumquats around the plate. Excellent!

The service was great - very attentive but not overly attentive. The atmosphere seems like it was nice in its prime, but it could use updating (carpets, menus, seating has seen better days). We had a 1:30pm reservation, and the restaurant was more than half empty. Since it was Easter yesterday, I expected it to be more crowded. I would definitely return for breakfast/brunch/lunch. We give it a 4.5 out of 5, overall.

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  1. Meggie, thanks much for the report! If you don't mind, would you share how much this cost approximately? Also, was this a special Easter menu or the regular brunch fare?

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      My pleasure! Our bill came to $154 (not including tip), which included 4 mimosas. The priciest item was the asparagus soup - $25! But it was delicious. The frittata and benedict were about $16-$19 each, seasonal fruit was $8, and desserts were $7-8 a piece.

      This combination of items was their special Easter brunch menu, but I noticed on their website that the crab cake benedict is offered for breakfast all the time, and several other items appear on the breakfast or lunch menus.

    2. Very nice report. I have enjoyed breakfast at Campton Place many times in the past but not recently. Nice to hear the food is still good. The only thing that bothers me is that a restaurant of that caliber would call those out-of-season fruits 'seasonal'.

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        It is funny that you comment about "seasonal". I specifically asked b/f ordering what the plate was comprised of and the waitress stated that their "seasonal" fruits are the ones that are offered all the time. So, I assume there is no variation throughout the year. I forgot to mention there was pineapple on there too. I agree that "seasonal" is a misnomer.