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Apr 9, 2007 03:07 PM

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet question

I'm about to purchase my first ever cast iron skillet and am debating between the 10 and 12 inch. Some say the 12" is way too big while others say the 10" is too small. What size do you have?

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  1. What kind of stove do you have and what do you cook?

    I don't think a 12" skillet is too big for any gas stove of at least 30", and I can't think of food that it is "too big" for, save perhaps eggs for less than three people...

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      I think it kind of depends on how many people you are cooking for, and how long you want the dish to last. 12" is good for a four person family, or maybe two people where you want the dish to last for two or three days.

    2. I just bought a 12" skillet, and I'm very glad I did get it this size. I bought it at Williams Sonoma ($37 in SF), and it's a really nice model that didn't require any real breaking in. It's got an additional grip on the other side of the handle too, making it easier to turn around and manuver. It's large enough that I cook things without them touching, and I can cook larger portions than in the 10". Go for the gusto I say - larger is better in this case!

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      1. re: Seldomsated has a two skillet set - the 10"and the 12" - for about $40, maybe a little less. You'll have to pay shipping but there's no tax.
        My 12" lives on the stove. I use it for one steak, two eggs. It's the roasting pan for a chicken. Everything. The all-purpose pan in my house. I pull out the other one when I need two pans at once.
        You can't have too many cast iron skillets.

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          These pans are very heavy, so shipping will be signifiacant!

      2. I have both. I bought the 12 inch first. But now cooking for two I find I use the 10" more, mainly because the 12" is a bit hefty for me to lift easily. Also it heats more evenly on my somewhat wibbly electric stove burners, and it's a good size for several of my cast iron baking recipes. If you're cooking for two and don't mind cooking things in batches, I'd say go for the 10 inch. If you like to cook things all at once or have to feed a crowd go for the 12 inch. Then again, they're cheap enough that if you have the space getting both is an option.

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        1. re: kerdragon

          I just have three 10" ones! So much for worrying about capacity...but seriously, that's the size that best fits most stove burners, and its weight is just about as much as I want to be lifting or tossing around. It's also the perfect size for matching lids: the glass lid from one of my cookpots fits snugly just below the pouring lips of the skillet, which is perfect for cooking sunny-side-up eggs. And the iron lids can be shared with skillet, Dutch oven and chicken fryer.

        2. I have both sizes and use them equally often. The 10" is the perfect size for pancakes and grilled sandwiches and quesadillas and pineapple upside-down cake; the 12" does not heat evenly enough for those. The 10" is also light enough for me to lift with one hand, while I need two hands to lift the 12". The 12" skillet is a must for frying chicken Southern-style, baking deep-dish pizza, and browning large quantities of meat. I really couldn't do without both these skillets.