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Apr 9, 2007 02:58 PM

How to pick a good WOK?


Wondering what you all recommend on buying a 12" wok? I don't want any non stick kind. What brand, material should I look for?


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  1. Actually the least expensive steel woks are proibably the best. Pick the type of handle you want and that's about it. Once seasoned they are great and you can get one for well under 20 bucks.

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      An important consideration is whether you have a gas stove or must make do with @#$%?&* electric burners. I have the latter, and bought a little Joyce Chen Peking Pan, which is a flat-bottomed wok (the carbon-steel one, under $20 Canadian here so certainly less in the US, if that is where you are). I had a cheap one from Chinatown before, which was fine when I had a gas stove - wound up giving it to a charity shop.

      That is a small wok - for one or two persons. The one I use every day, though I do have a bigger one.