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Apr 9, 2007 02:48 PM

Quick Weekday lunch in Arcadia

We have an all day meeting in Arcadia at the Embassy Suites Hotel @ 211 E Huntington Drive Wednesday.

Any place nice for a quick lunch? Can be expensive, no sushi (too bad!) otherwise wide open as to type of food.

Closer to the Embassy Suites, the better.

Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. Too bad it's on Wednesday, or you could have gotten a killer sandwich at Claro's!

    There are lots of places near where you'll be, mostly I'm afraid the Usual Lunch Suspects. The Derby is right there, nice upscale old joint, but I don't know if they do lunch. A few blocks east on your side of the street (in Monrovia) is Leroy's, a local casual place most recommended for breakfast, but the have good sandwiches and the like. That area is not Chow Heaven by any means, but you won't starve!

    1. There is a Japanese fusion restaurant (not sushi!) across the street: Sesame Grill.

      1. within walking distance: tony roma, bj's grill & bar,,olive garden, macaroni grill,soup plantation, tokyo waco, togo's, subway, & mat dennys, baja fresh & taisho.

        1. To bad no sushi! One of my favorite places is in Arcadia! For the immediate area, walking distance, I second Sesame Grille, its across the street. Also the Derby is quite retro. Basil Thai used to be quite good, however I have not been there for years. There is also Matt Deny's it has good Pub food. There are lots of options so you can stay away from the "chain" places if you want.

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            Thanks my Chowhound freinds for all of the ideas (I'm going to pick from Sesame Grill, the Derby or maybe one of the walking distance places).

            Do tell Rants -- what is your favorite sushi place? (it wasn't me that didn't like sushi!)

            1. re: rantsnravesnreviews

              Well, there is Kiku Sushi, in the same shopping center as Rubios, Round table Pizza, Acapulco, Chili's, etc. but it's truly awful. The fish is either frozen or they use the scaps from other sushi bars. beware!

            2. Let's see...Jim's is a great burger joint (their sides are massive and delicious). Zelo Pizzeria on Foothills is close by and their cornmeal crust pizza is really something. I especially enjoy their corn and carmelized onion pizza .These places are pretty casual so if you want something nicer I would also recommend Sesame Grill. There's an Indian place in the same plaza that I remember being pretty good, I think it's called Nirvana.