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Apr 9, 2007 02:27 PM

woohoo!!!! REAL sushi in central phx!!!

as I was driving down 7th ave today just before my turn at Missouri, I saw that a banner had gone up for a sushi joint in the space previously occupied by Sahara, a forgettable coffeehouse. i pulled over to check it out and spoke to the owner for a bit.

Kaz, the original owner of shogun (which split the partnership and then some owners because kampai and kaz went to california, for those of you who've been in the valley forever) is the chef!

its tiny, but very cute and they hope to open in 2 weeks!!! while of course the fish is NOT local, all their produce will be!

i've tried to convince the guys at kampai to come into central phx FOREVER. we just don't have anything in my opinion worthwhile. fish market is okaaaay..... zen 32 is good for peoplewatching but not eating..... and ichiban? please.

i am SO excited!!!!!! plus... i know that now everyone is about sapporo, and ra and other really huge places... but for us old timers... back in the day, there was shogun and mr sushi and almost nothing else...... its nice to have kaz back.

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  1. im so happy i could cry!!! thanks for the detective work!!!!

    1. Are you talking about Hana? If so, my colleague and I have been stalking it from day 1. Every day, we look out our window and chant, "open, open, open!" Would be nice to get some decent grub within walking distance of work.

      We had no idea if it was going to be a decent place or not. Sounds like it's going to be as good as we'd hoped! Thanks for the preview!

      1. so what's the story on shogun? i didn't find yuki-san and aji-san until after they started kampai. is kaz of the same mind as them? do you think it will be similar to kampai?


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          i'll be honest I was about 8 years old when they split up, so i don't know the circumstances. to be frank, no one i've mentioned it to remembers kaz being all that friendly, but hey... if he makes decent sushi, i'm all for it.

          he's been in california, from what they said, so who knows WHAT it will be like.... but I know i'm excited!!!!

        2. Do you know what it'll be called?

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          1. re: ajs228

            I'm looking at it right now. It's called Hana Japanese Eatery.

            Here's a pic. Unfortunately there was a tree in the way; so it's not very good. :c (


          2. I'm excited about it as well.

            Buuuuuut, of all the sushi places in town, the best feedback I get is from Ichi Ban. People love it, and so do I. I watched a Salmon come in the door today and it was served within 15 minutes.

            Excited to try the new place tho.

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            1. re: AZBconcierge

              i am often puzzled and amused by the "best" sushi places in town... but i will say, THAT is a headscratcher. Ichi Ban? Really?

              1. re: AZBconcierge

                Is this the one on Central Ave? If so, I haven't heard kind words about it.