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Apr 9, 2007 02:18 PM

That Popcorn Place

A new gourmet popcorn place opened up across from campus on Guadelupe today. Its next to Veggie Heaven (actually behind it from the road view) and in that small parking lot.

Family run local place. Popcorn comes in a variety of flavors, savory, sweet, and chocolate covered.

I'm excited because I miss my specialty popcorn place from my hometown. I tried a variety of flavors before settling on loaded potato and chicago style (cheddar and caramel mixed).
The prices are excellent and the popcorn is pretty good. I actually like my popcorn to be a little more aggressively flavored in the savory varieties. I tried Dill Pickle and it was good though I would have preferred a little more punch.
The chocolate flavored ones were excellent and I thought cinnamon roll (cinnamon popcorn and white chocolate) looked like it would be a nice decadent treat sometime.

The website is if you want to check out all the varieties before you go. They seem superfriendly and will let you try as many as you want before you settle on one.

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  1. OMG! I'm in sooo much trouble now...there's a coupon for 20% off your purchase but it's only good until the 15th. I'm going to check it out this week :) I LOVE POPCORN...

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    1. re: kalex

      went here today during my lunch break and they are AWESOME, in my opinion. the flavors are true to taste surprisingly - i tried over 10 different flavors today with my friend. dill pickle, ranch, bacon and cheddar, loaded potato, cajun, original, kettle corn, jalapeno, salt and vinegar, pizza, oh and dark chocolate. they taste just like they are named with the cajun one just having a little salty kick and sass to it. the more you eat, the more pronounced the flavors are. they are very friendly - met Debbie and Courtney today - and will let you sample any and all of their flavors - they don't want you to go home with something you don't like :).

      and also, for the person who said that they wanted more flavor punch, i bet you could call them and tell them to mix up a batch of that flavor with just a little more seasoning as i saw today at the counter that if you do want a large order of one flavor, you can give them advance notice and they will "pop" to it to meet your request.

      i used my coupon today and they honored it also for my friend who was with me - how cool is that?! i'll definitely be going back and giving them my business. they also gave me extra biz cards with coupons on them for 20% off walk-in orders. i also suggested they try out a chile lime flavor popcorn and they said that they just might - and have to name it after me!

      parking is near non-existent so just be forewarned. there are four spots that aren't marked veggie heaven customers only. i took a chance and parked in one of the those spots and got in and out without getting towed.

      and lastly, i noticed that they have tins in different sizes that you can get filled with popcorn and they offer refill bags of popcorn at a reduced price from the tins.

      i walked out with bags of the original and cajun flavor but i'll be back for sure for other flavors...

    2. I picked up three flavors yesterday: cheddar, funfetti, and the cinnamon roll. My classmates gobbled up the cheddar like you wouldn't believe -- the cheddar flavor is really full-bodied. They truly do have the touch with the flavorings.

      The funfetti is a combination of all (?) of their sweet flavors and tastes like Froot Loops/Fruity Pebbles. It's fun to eat one individual color and guess the flavor. I found green apple, banana, vanilla, lemon, grape, and blue raspberry. The flavor coating on the funfetti is more like candy when you eat more than a few idle nibbles, and so it's really easy to go into sugar shock really quickly. In small doses, this is quite tasty.

      I got a tiny bag of the cinnamon roll because it was expensive and I had no plans to share with my classmates. It's quite good, very sweet, but not cloying. Another one to enjoy in small doses.

      I'm curious about the loaded potato and the cajun!

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      1. re: bookgrrl72

        i'm going back today to try some of the sweet flavors - two young ladies walked in yesterday while i was on my tasting binge and got strawberry and banana mixed together - they will custom mix flavors together from what they have too! they say that the green apple and watermelon flavors taste just like a jolly rancher - SWEET!!! pun intended. i'm also going back to taste more of their decadent gourmet flavors - you know, the ones that have chocolate :) ...such as chocolate covered cherry, cookies and cream, white chocolate cranberry, etc. i (obviously) have more of a salty tooth vs a sweet tooth but my honey loves sweets so i may have to get some to share...

        1. re: kalex

          I just a big bag of Watermelon, funfetti, chocolate, lemon and cheddar three days ago and it still yummy today. That Popcorn Place have two locations: 924 East Austin, Gidding, TX and 1914 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas. As right now I love the watermelon, but I also like the chocolate and funfetti (yes guess the popcorn is fun..LOL) I sure I will go back try the rest of them

      2. Just got back and bought snack size bags of the white cheddar, cinnamon roll, and toffee. They are all good, but the cinnamon roll and white cheddar are my favorites. Mostly, I love the fact that the owners were so incredibley nice and simply don't get that kind of customer service anywhere these days. They shared with me they are working on s'mores and peanut butter recipes. I will definitely try those!

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        1. re: adewaal

          When we were in Ottawa about two years ago, we found a candy store downtown that had chocolate-covered caramel popcorn -- to die for!

          1. re: Ron L

            I told myself I would only eat a part of the cinnamon roll, but ate the whole bag! Now my stomach hurts but it tasted so good.

        2. Yum! Thanks for all the awesome reviews, I can't wait to try this place!! :D

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          1. re: YaYa

            cinnamon roll is one of their signature flavors - it's the dad's secret recipe and it is just right! HIGHLY recommend that everyone try it. my co-worker's think that i need a popcorn intervention but i did say that I LOVE POPCORN. the chicago style is cheddar mixed w/ caramel and it sounds wierd but it's surprisingly tasty and good together. i'm a fan of the white chocolate and cranberry as well now. the chocolate covered cherry is reminiscent of those cordial cherries but not in that sickly sweet artificial way but in a yummy, i can eat half a bag of this without batting an eyelash kind of way. met the other daughter yesterday as well and i tell you, these folks are just good people. will definitely have me coming back for more.

            also, just wanted to mention that their sampling size is very generous and they have lids for the sample cups so you don't have to eat it all at once (just try to stop at just one though) :) and can take samples back to the office/home/honey if you'd like...

            1. re: kalex

              Were you in there sampling at about 1:00 yesterday? If so, I am the woman with whom you so kindly shared your samples!

              1. re: adewaal

                really!? yes, that was was my second day in a row going there...i've already eaten up half of what i walked out with...i gave away the gourmet sized bag of cinnamon roll as payment for some computer work that i had done and i'm thinking that i'll go back today to replace it :) hahaha! it was nice to meet you - hope you're enjoying your purchases as well...

                1. re: kalex

                  Yes, all three snack size bags are gone! The last of the toffee flavor was "lunch". Nice to see a fellow Hound around campus.

                    1. re: ChristineR

                      I've never been a big popcorn fan...i think it is mental scarring from the years of orthodnics as a teenager...but I decided to give the place a try with all these rave reviews. I got the Chicago Style and it is AMAZING! The perfect workday snack. I think I'll be sneaking off to TPP more often! Tasty and least compared to other campus area snack options. And, as others have noted the staff is super friendly.

                    2. re: adewaal

                      likewise :) to see you as well...i'm pretty new to CH so you're the first person i've met...i've met yimay before through another friend before i knew about CH, but i'm not sure she remembers/knows who i am :)

            2. Out of curiousity I stopped by today after lunch at CoCo's, and despite my misgivings about popcorn themed gift shops (I remember these from trolling the malls as a teenager), I was pleasantly surprised.

              TPP actually uses real chocolate and real cheese rather than the powdered flavoring popcorns that inevitably pop up around the holidays. The original post mentioned the cinnamon roll, and that's what I brought back; it was coated in cinnamon and sugar and then drizzled with white chocolate. This is not the sort of popcorn you can plow through without giving yourself a hell of a bellyache. I had a small sample cup to taste and it alone was more than enough for one sitting. We also tried the cajun and toffee, which are pretty familiar versions, and a hot cinnamon that was covered in what looked to be melted red hots. The woman running the shop was incredibly helpful and I got the impression that she would have allowed us to stand there all day trying each version had we so desired.

              Color me impressed. I will return.

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              1. re: Twill

                I was just in there for my lunch today, and also purchased a snack bag of cinnamon roll. My companion didn't like it, however, said it was too sweet... I think it's incredible! The one thing we both agreed on was the dill pickle...Briney with just enough bits of dried dill weed. I also purchased a snack sized bag of cajun. All three are good, although I feel like I'm slipping into some sort of salt/sugar coma right now, not sure which. In line ahead of me were two adorable asian girls who had about 20 samples spread out in front of them! And the owner served them with a smile and happily obliged when the girls asked for lids for each of their sample cups, to take everything home. Overall, a fine snacking experience.

                1. re: femmenikita

                  I was really uninterested in this post until you brought up the dill pickle popcorn. It has been my habit for a while to eat popcorn along with a big dill pickle - alternating bites. Now I just have to try that.....

                  anybody try the original? What's that like?

                  1. re: rudeboy

                    rudeboy, I just got a big sack of the dill pickle yesterday. It was gone in about 10 minutes. It is wonderful -- sour and salty, but not TOO salty or too sour. MM..

                    I want to put in another recommendation for this place. This is a family owned operation--mom, dad, and two daughters, and they are the nicest people you will ever meet. They cheerfully let my friend and I try as many samples as we wished (which, as another poster mentioned, are quite generous), and were so sweet about it. The ability to get multiple samples really made me try things I wouldn't normally try (like the dill pickle, which I thought would be gross, but was great!)

                    Here are the flavors I tried:
                    -dark chocolate covered popcorn -- the chocolate was delicious and went incredibly well with the slight saltiness of the popcorn
                    -chicago style -- an interesting mix of caramel and cheese popcorn. I typically can't stand cheese popcorn but this is the real deal. MM!
                    --dill pickle (see above)
                    --cherry -- this is candied popcorn (imagine caramel, but with a cherry flavor). Not my favorite but good if you love sweet popcorn
                    --cinnamon roll -- delicious but very sweet

                    They have something like 45 flavors, including texas chili, hot cinnamon, white cheddar, kettle corn, and many more I can't wait to try.

                    If you like popcorn, I bet you'll love this place, and you should support these wonderful people!

                    1. re: catarata

                      Dill pickle is pretty awesome! We get that as well as ranch, bbq and loaded potato for the savory popcorn. I tried the mixed fruit (tuttifruitti?) and found one that I absolutely love--LEMON. It tastes just like froot loops! So that along with the toffee (not to be mistaken with caramel) are my faves.

                      The owners are so nice and generous. I really hope they stick around!

                      1. re: snowymt

                        Wow, those sound delicious. I can't wait to try them on my next visit. I want them to come up with a lemon flavor that is not candied and is really sour with maybe a hint of sweet. Mmm.

                        Wait, how is toffee different from caramel? Can you explain?

                        1. re: catarata

                          I'm not sure how to explain the difference b/t toffee and caramel--I might just be biased b/c I have a really good home recipe of caramel popcorn. The toffee has a great flavor though and is totally addictive! You'll have to try both and let us know what you think! :o)