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Apr 9, 2007 02:01 PM

What to do with leftover lamb leg

I cooked a leg of lamb roast last night and have alot of leftovers. However, the guests are still staying over and I want a creative, yummy dish to serve them tonight. Any good ideas for how to use leftover lamb meat that doesn't taste like a reused dish?

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    1. how about using it to cook some white beans

      1. I really enjoy it as a sandwich on pita bread (I go for the pocketless kind). I'll slice the meat while it is cold, then heat up a grill pan until it is screaming hot. If you time it right you can heat up the slices this way so that it is barely warm inside but still gets some good grill marks- less then a minute each side, more or less. I use thickened yogurt (just drained in a cheese cloth for an hour or so) with dill and garlic as a condiment, plus the usual cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, etc. Serve rice pilaf on the side.

          1. This may not be clever enough of a disguise, but lamb tacos are a really wonderful thing. If you know how, make your own corn tortillas and serve with vinegared red onions, cilantro, and sides of sliced radishes, carmelized turnips, and/or roasted asparagus.

            If you need something more incognito, I'd do lamb croquettes (like so:; or like so: