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Apr 9, 2007 01:59 PM

Auto Grill, Good place to meet and eat?

have 6 cars meeting on the way from Rome to Florence, Hows the Auto Grills along the Strada?

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  1. surprisngly good cheap eats, usually pretty busy udring the day with locals and tourists...not a bad place to stop at all

    1. If we had Auto Grill in the US it could probably be classified as fine dining.

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      1. re: Den

        ouch! being italin i have to say my standards might be grill as fine dining? that's an interesting concept...

        1. re: laromagnola

          By American chain restaurant standards, I think Autogrill is great. If they had them here (New Jersey), they would demolish the competition.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Auto Grill is the best!!! The first one on after Rome airport is definitely the best of them. You've gotta have the paninis! they are awesome!

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              There's variation, regionally--some have a tavola calda with more elaborate prepared foods, all have good panini, foccaccie, and even local cheese,salumi, bread, and wine for sale. Fine dining? No, of course. But as good as one can expect for the function. I'll never forget a stop near Naples, lunch, crowded, when I ordered a panino and a caffe--the barista, in the middle of a frenzy of coffee-making [she served perhaps a dozen customers, and properly, in the time a Starbucks staffer would take to get one] said she'd get me my coffee after I finished the panino. Sure enough, there it was. With a fresh glass of water.

              1. re: obob96

                The Autogrill just outside the Rome airport is always our first stop when we arrive (after flying overnight for 7 hours). The first time we went, we thought that maybe the food wasn't realy that great and that we were all delirious from flying. However, the second time (and subsequent times after), the food was just as great. The ones with a tavola calda are great! Plus, at the little convenience store, you can get everything from giant containers of nutella to pringles (what is it with Italians and pringles??) The thing that always made me laugh is how organized they are. They seem like they would be a disorganized mess, but they have a system down. Gotta love it. It is in NO WAY fine dining, but compared to rest stops in the U.S., its WAY above!

                1. re: NiKoLe1625

                  My husband enjoyed his meal in the Autogrill in the Malpensa airport a couple weeks ago - waiting for a connecting flight on arriving in Italy. He said it made him feel he had truly arrived in Italy.

            2. Auto grills are always busy and they have an enormous selection for any diner. We celebrated my poor stepmother's birthday in an Autogrill on the way back from Venice, and it was decided that it definitely could have been much worse. For the most part they are safe and clean, and as long as you're not expecting the meal of your life, you'll be just fine.