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Apr 9, 2007 01:58 PM

Victoria for 3 days: Where Should I Eat?

Since we can no longer filter searches by dates to find recent posts on this site and I can't find anything posted in 2007 -- I'm pleading for links or recommendations for good eating while visiting/working in Victoria this week.

Casual and upscale, mostly for dinner (including a celebratory night out for a group of 10-12). Regional specialties and artisan sources greatly-appreciated if possible.

Location-wise: I'll be staying at the Delta at the harbor and won't have a car, but will take taxis to favorite spots.

Thanks very much! Happy to reciprocate for Boston visitors.

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  1. here's a recent thread:

    When I go to Victoria, I always go to Rebar for brunch/lunch.
    Last time I was there, we had a great brunch at this place too: http://www.jamesbaytearoomandrestaura...

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      Thanks for the fast and helpful response!

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        You will be staying at the Delta Ocean Pointe which is where my wife and I customarily stay during our visits so my comments that perscatarian pointed out should be read with that in mind.

        We usually walk at least either to or back from the restaurants mentioned apart from the Marina out in Oak Bay.

        FoodFemme inquired about downtown restaurants so I did not mention another very good one, the Rosemeade in Esquimalt [


        By the way, depending upon how busy they are, I have usually found the gentlemen who man the front doors are very obliging in "ferrying" guests of Delta to and from the restaurants in the downtown core. We have obtained rides to Brasserie L'Ecole which is close by as well as Cafe Brio and the aforementioned Rosemeade which are further afield from them.

        Enjoy your trip.

    2. The Oceanpointe is lovely....try to ask for one of the top floors so you get the best view! The seafood restaurant (Lure) is very good at the hotel and would be a good choice for the gruop- also the Marina Restaurant at Oak Bay is very good. They have a wonderful sushi/ raw menu as well as an extensive, predominantly seafood menu. Oak Harbour is a bit of a drive but really worth it...its nice to get an ocean view as well as the Harbour views in the city- not more than a 10 minute taxi away. I had the cioppini there last time and it was very good.
      my personal Victoria favorite is Ferris Oyster Bar- and I am not adventurous enough for oysters! Menu is excellent, everything is great, but make a reservation or you will wait a long time! You can walk to it from the Delta. Lastly, Pagliaachhi'a is a bot more casual Italian place, also extremely popular, fun menu and really great food. Maybe not the best place fro the group dinner though as its pretty noisy but if you get time its wirth checking out. I hope this helps. i am a Vancouver resident but i go to Victoria 5 or 6 times a year so if you ned any other suggestions just let me know!

      Hope you have a great time,

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        Same here! Formerly from Vic now in Van - I mean. :)
        Second Brio, Brasserie, definitely Ferris' Oyster Bar, also love Rebar for refreshing GOOD Veggie food. Great for a mid day pick up before decedant dinner :)
        Also once dated (the former) chef at The Mark and The Hotel Grand Pacific. The Mark is WONDERFUL, v romantic, and you get the table for the WHOLE night, meaning you can leave after dinner for a carriage ride then come back for dessert or drinks etc. I really mean the whole night :).