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A keg for everyone?

I'm planning a party and am trying to decide on a couple of quarter kegs that will please the majority of beer drinkers. Any suggestions? I'd prefer not to go the Bud/Miller route.


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        That's hard to answer without knowing more about the beer drinkers in question. If you have a crowd that's used to Bud/Miller/Coors, Sierra Nevada will likely prove to hoppy and heavy for their palates.

        Sam Adams is probably a safer option. It's a lager with a stronger malt/hop character than the standard macorbrews. You might also see if Gordon Biersch will provide 1/4 kegs. Their beers are tasty, but very approachable.

    1. You really can't go wrong with a keg of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. An excellent California beer, and one of my absolute favorites. It's a great beer, but not so unusual that it would be unpalatable for your typical Budweiser drinker. Go try a 6-pack and see if you love it.

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        I second the Sierra Nevada suggestion. Another option would be Session Lager from Full Sail...there is a thread on Session on Chowhound here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/367095

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          totally bad idea. I know, b/c ive done it. WAY TOO HEAVY for a crowd unless the crowd loves SNPA . . .

        2. Go local. Go with great beer. Mark Jilg makes great beer at Craftsman Brewery in Pasadena - craftsmanbrewing.com.

          For the "majority of beer drinkers", their 1903 lager or their Hefeweizen would probably be best. For other tastes, Mark makes other beer styles - ask about availability.

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            Is it possible to get growlers of Mark's beer? (I work in Pasadena so this would be great)

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              I don't believe Mark sells growlers of Craftsman Beer. The smallest amount you can get is a 5 gallon keg. For the current availability of beer styles, call 626-296-ALES (2537). I recommend ordering days in advance to make sure the beer will be ready for you.

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                OK - are there any bars in the area that sreve his beer (I rarely have the need for a keg)

          2. If you want it really local, go to Angel City Brewery. They share space with Alpine Village. Excellent beers. I'd go for the Pilz for average beer drinkers, the IPA for medium, and the Abbey for those who love Belgian beers.


            1. If you can get it get a keg of DeKonik- it pleases the least saavy to the most saavy and you'll love it!

              Other than that- Bells Oberon if you can get it, New Belgium Sunshine Wheat if you can get that

              1. I'd go with a nicy malty amber...Fat Tire would do in a pinch, but if you can get something like Drop Top Amber, or Abita, or even something local, I think that's the way to go. I do a Super Bowl party every year and have to pick a beer for a pretty diverse crowd (everything from Bud Light people to hardcore beer snobs), and picking a nice amber or red that's not too hoppy always goes over well.

                1. I'd try to get a good Czech Pilsner, or if not a good American imitation of the style, A pale ale, a wheat beer and something either just plain dark or malty. The last one is tougher. But the rest should be doable.

                  If you knew a brewer willing to give it to you in soda kegs, this might be easy.

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                    If it were me I would check some of your local micro breweries. I have never been to LA... I am guessing Rock Bottom is not the best of the best...and believe it or not, while a chain,they will have their own brewer with his or her own reicpes. Here in Cleveland you can get some really good batches and the kegs are very reasonable. The specialty brews tend to be the best. Not sure if this link will make it, so you can google Rock Bottom. Anyway it is a "gateway" microbrew-nothing too crazy, but very fresh and many are generally pretty good (and much better than commercial stuff)

                  2. If you are dealing with a Bud/Miller crowd, and just want to improve on it, I would suggest, somewhat sadly, Michelob Amber Bock. Light enough to not be offensive to anyone, but at least it has some taste. It's actually a good beer to start transitioning.

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                      In a macrobrew pinch, Michelob Amber Bock is indeed one of the better choices. I think Dundee's Honey Brown also works well, too.

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                        It's such a hard decision! Not everyone is in the bud/miller crowd, so I would also like to try and please those who prefer more substance.

                        1. re: ihearteats

                          Go to Gordon Biersch and get the Marzen.

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                            Keep in mind that everyone is in the "hey, free beer!" crowd.

                        2. if your guests usually drink bud and the like, why not go to a local brewery and pick up a keg of their lager or pilsner?