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Apr 9, 2007 01:54 PM

Where can I find puff pastry?

I'm participating in the Cook Book of the Month (Arabesque by Roden) and chose a recipe that requires puff pastry. I hit every store on Smith and Court (didn't make it to Garden of Eden) and could only find the Peppridge Farms pre-formed puff pastry discs. Any ideas where in the neighboorhood I might be able to find it in a more maleable form?

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  1. I believe that Sahadi sells frozen puff pastry - in the back room, by the prepared foods.

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Thanks. I stopped by Garden of Eden and they had some in stock (for $9.99). I bet the price at Sahadi's is better.

      1. re: bklyngrl

        I'm sure it is! They also sell it at most grocery stores, in the frozen foods section.

    2. GARDEN of EDEN sells the Dufour Puff Pastry which is made with 100% pure butter. The other products are made with margarine or other synthetic fats.

      The Dufour product is excellent, and bakes up like homemade.The others are vile.

      Does SAHADI carry Dufour?

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      1. re: Fleur

        I don't think they do. Or, at least they didn't around a year ago when I was looking for some made with butter.

        1. re: gnosh

          As far as I know Dufour is the only company that makes authentic 100% butter Puff Pastry. Their product is available at G of E for $9.99. That is aboiut the price it is everywhere, maybe a bit lower.

          1. re: Fleur

            That Dufour stuff is unreal. I used it only once, each mini-pastry tasted slathered of butter, they were gone in minutes. Slurp.

      2. A friend tells me that they sell Dufour (the butter-based brand) at Staubitz, the butcher shop on Court St. I doubt it is any cheaper than at Garden of Eden, but maybe it's more convenient for you.

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        1. re: gnosh

          Ooh...great suggestion and much more convenient.