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Food around South Station?

Heading up to Boston for business, haven't been in boston since college, and was wondering what's good near by South Station, I'm taking the Amtrak Acela if that helps.. Nothing's really off the menu but I'm not looking to break the bank or just have a hot dog. Was thinking about Legal Seafoods but the company is taking us out Thursday for that.

Any suggestions? Something a bit more Bostonian.

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  1. I would go to Chacarero at Downtown Crossing. It's a short walk from South Station and very tasty and affordable. Or maybe head over to Chinatown? That's a bit further, though...

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      Depends on whether he's leaving from the bus terminal or train terminal. If it's the former, Chinatown is probably closer. Hei La Moon is only about two blocks away from the bus terminal, in fact, and does excellent dim sum, and right around the corner from Grita's good suggestion of Les Zygomates.

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        I'm really into Lez Zyg for lunch, somehow, but never for dinner. Their lunch menu has some really good values on it, including their moules frites.

        Depending on where you're from, I'd highly suggest Taiwan Cafe for lunch in Chinatown or even Hong Kong Eatery. If you're with a few people, Peach Farm could also be fun, but I've never done very well there by myself.

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          Les Zyg or Sorriso. They are next door to one another so you can check out the scenes and menus at both and take your pick.

        2. To quote Iron Chef, "if memory serves", I've heard very good things about a $25.00 lunch at Radius though I have yet to go myself. Les Zygomates is great for lunch and quite affordable. Sorrelina's isn't too bad either, I like their arancini.

          I can't think of anything super "Bostonian" right there. Avoid the South Street Diner - bleagh, IMHO.

          1. I'd also recommend Good Life on Kingston St as an option, it's a very short walk heading towards downtown crossing/the financial district. It's been completely redone as of 2-3 years ago; it's a very pleasant space. I especially love the tuna tartare, steak frites, flat bread pizzas.

            1. If you are looking for good drinks, Peking Toms is a good option. They are across from the Good Life on Kingston St. The food is good though not as authentic or as cheap as Chinatown.

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                I didn't at all like the food at Peking Tom's the one time I went, nor did I care for the too-cool-for-school vibe or inattentive service. I actually preferred P.F. Chang's weak attempt at faux Chinese food to this place.

              2. If you're not afraid of seafood overload, the Barking Crab is fun at this time of year.

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                  Barking Crab's a little confusing to find from South Station in my experience. Which of course brings up the question as to whether it's even worth the effort to go there. I don't think so, myself -- if you're headed in that direction, the Chinese place Eastern Pier II is to my mind a better option. But since Chinatown is closer and easier to find, I say eat somewhere there instead.

                2. I did some research as well as searching on the HOUND. How's Ginza? thoughts?

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                    I like Ginza, in fact I was there just this weekend for classic sashimi, edamame, seaweed salad, miso soup...it was delicious if not exciting; sometimes just what you're in the mood for.

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                      I am a big fan of Ginza. The box lunch is great and very filling, not too bad on the wallet. Dinner is also very good. Located right on the edge of Chinatown.

                      Baseball trivia: Ginza is Cal Ripkin's fave place for sushi; would stop in after every game when he was in town. (I missed him one night by a few minutes and was regaled by stories and photos from the staff and owner.)

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                        i think ginza has slid down a few pegs in the last 2 or 3years. it's good, but not great. the brookline location seems better than the downtown location.

                        there is the new sushi place o ya, which is pricey but has gotten great buzz.

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                        I like Ginza overall, but I am a bigger fan of their non-sushi items than their sushi (read: not a bad thing). Terrific tempura, and one of the few places in the area that serves ochazuke. Their tonkatsu is also huge (two giant pieces of breaded pork with rice), and decent noodles to boot.

                      3. Thanks all. I've made reservations for Ginza just in case. I'll let you all know how it goes.

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                          I haven't been in a years but one my favorite appetizers was hotake-hokkaiyaki (spicy crabmeat and scallop baked in its own shell).

                        2. South Station is right on the edge of China Town where I live as a Med student. You should get some Dim Sum in China Town. I recommend China Pearl a block away from Kneeland St. Or Chow Chow City is good for regular Chinese food.