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Bagels in Center City

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Just moved into Center City and have had trouble finding good bagels. Anyone out there have a good place to try?

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  1. haha, this is the worst city for bagels!

    1. The best bagels are at South Street Bagel on 4th near South Street. It's run by a Jewish family, open every day. I don't get bagels anywhere else but there.

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          South Street Bagel is mediocre at best. You can actually get a better bagel at a chain place like Manhattan Bagel at various locations around the city. This is the worst city for bagels, saturninus, I agree! And I grew up here.

        2. New York Bagels at the intersection of Haverford and City Line Ave in Overbrook makes the best in the city for my money. Probably not as convenient as other bagel shops. They're closed on Saturday, btw.

          1. Oh, almost forgot: try out Metropolitan Bakery, also at a few locations in the city. The one I know of is at 40th and Walnut. They also deliver their bagels to Gia Pronto, which is where I have sampled them. They're pretty good, they get nice and bubbly when they're toasted.

            1. not quite CC, but I tried the ones at the Bagels place on Columbus at Front St. (in the shopping center, next to a deli)- they were the best downtown I could find. In King of Prussia in a random residential neighborhood shopping center is Bagelicious, those are the best I've had so far, so if you ever are heading to the mall you could try em!

              1. Rolings in Elkins park has the best bagels and they deliver to Maxx's Produce, on 20th b/w Spruce and Locust, on Fridays. You can call rolings and order in advance if you need them for something in particular

                1. Give the Bagel Factory on 5th and Walnut a try.

                  1. Any opinion on 4th Street Deli's bagels? Haven't tried them yet but I'm getting sick of importing them from NY.

                    1. Kaplan's bakery at 3rd and poplar has good bagels, especially the everything bagels.