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Apr 9, 2007 01:38 PM

Small Croquembouche in Seattle

Anyone have any suggestions on where to get a small croquembouche made in Seattle? We had a large one from Le Fournil for our wedding, but they're out of the cake business. Rovers' minimum size is "150" (which i assume means 150 choux). I was thinking more along the lines of 50..

Otherwise, I'm going to have to attempt this myself! :)

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  1. call Regis Bernard, the pastry instructor at Seattle Central Community College (Seattle Culinary Academy). We did a few for people while I was there. They'll do any size and it's not crazy expensive. (they'll also put nice pulled sugar decorations on it).

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    1. re: ccqueen

      Thanks! I have now psyched myself up to attempting it myself though :)

      1. re: daryn

        If you're going to attempt it yourself I could get you a fabulous recipe. I have a pastry chef friend who made a lovely croquembouche last week. It was delicious.

        When do you need it? She's in Morocco right now.

        1. re: daryn

          It's a little bit tedious, but all of the components are really pretty simple. Choux, pastry cream, caramel. Go for it!