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Apr 9, 2007 01:34 PM

Sushi in Chestnut Hill?

My brother was talking about a sushi place in Chestnut Hill yesterday...saying everyone is giving this place rave reviews and that it has a new location that opened up in the back bay here in boston.

Anyone know what it's called... of course, I can't remember what he told me it was called.


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  1. It it Oishii? There's one in Chestnut Hill and one that opened somewhat recently in the South End.

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    1. re: lissy

      that's it!
      have you been?

      I hear the price difference between the two is a very big gap... but the food is execellent.

      1. re: lasiciliana

        I have been to both. I went to the one in Chestnut Hill years ago. I don't get out that way too often. I only went once to the one in the South End. I thought the sushi was really good. I do think it was kind of pricey but my date was kind enough to pick up the tab on that one so I can't really say. If you want really good, inventive (and expensive) sushi, I would try O-Ya on East Street (across from Les Zygomates). The food was absolutely fabulous. For my regular weekly sushi fix, I usually go to Douzo on Dartmouth St which is good and reliable and doesn't break the bank as much.

        1. re: lissy

          It's a little pricier but worth every penny. I was there recently and had a wonderful feast.

          1. re: kittychow

            I think the sushi at both locations is excellent. However the SE location is in no way worth the premium over the original in Chestnut Hill. Chestnut Hill is better and much less expensive. You are paying a big premium in the SE for the ability not to make reservations and wait an hour.

        2. re: lasiciliana

          Oishi is incredible. You really cant go wrong. If you are celebrating, definitly try the omakase (expect to spend about $80 for pure bliss).