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Apr 9, 2007 01:33 PM

New Indian Restaurant - Bathurst and Steeles

Has anyone tired the new Indian restaurant on Bathurst just north of Steeles. I think the name Khana Kajana.


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  1. We were there for dinner tonight. The food was excellent - non-greasy, extremely flavourful, with each dish having very distinct seasonings. The portions were huge, the prices were reasonable, and the service was excellent.

    Our favourite dishes:

    Mulgtwani (sp) Soup and Lentil Soup: both very smooth and subtly spiced;

    Tandoori Gobi: an entire head of cauliflower slathered in a a yogourt-based sauce and cooked in the tandoor until the flesh was tender and sweet and the sauce-coated surfaces were caramelized to a crisp - utterly delicious.

    Paneer Tikka: slices of paneer that had been marinated and then cooked in the tandoor. Again, the surfaces were lightly blackened, and the cheese was topped with lightly "tandoored" red and green peppers, onion and tomato.

    Butter Chicken: Ordered just because it's virtually impossible for me to try a new Indian restaurant and not sample its version of butter chicken. In this case, it's a winner - the sauce was perfect - not excessively tomatoey or sweet, and the chicken was perfectly cooked and moist.

    Lamb Korma: how often does one get melt-in-the-mouth lamb in an Indian restaurant? Here the lamb was tender and flavourful (no mutton here!), and the sauce was velvety.

    These dishes were our favourites, but everything we ordered was terrific. We would have preferred more heat in the Chicken Curry (we'd been asked whether we wanted it mild or hot, and we specified hot), but there were no dishes (and, as usual we over-ordered) that we were unhappy with.

    The restaurant's been open two months. It's in a strip mall on the east side of Bathurst, in a space occupied previously by an Uzbeki restaurant.

    Khana Khajana
    7117 Bathurst St. (905) 771-6661

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    1. We went there for lunch. Food is great. Very good service. Food is very much like a home cooked food. Less spicy, less oily and less creamy.

      I was happy that we could be out of there with in a hour,

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      1. re: loveindianfood

        They run a lunch buffet seven days, 11.30 to 3pm, with a changing menu so they claim, for $8.99. Gotta try.

      2. We had dinner at Khana Khajana tonight, our second time there, and every dish we ordered was fabulous. The restaurant was busier than on our previous visit, so the food was a little slow in coming, but the service was attentive and friendly.

        Definitely our new go-to Indian restaurant.

        1. we had their lunch buffet Sat. and it was like loveindianfood said like "home cooking". everything was nicely flavoured,less spicier than what were used to,but perfectly flavorful. we will make this our new fav Indian resto. Khana Khajana

          1. I just had their lunch buffet today (got there around 2pm), and found it to be nothing special. The beef curry was bland and the meat was tough and chewy. Chicken curry was also rather boring as well. They had an eggplant dish, a paneer dish, tandoori chicken, a tomato/vegatable dish, a lentil soupy dish and rice. Also had some fresh veggies, various sauces (like chutney looking sauce and a mint sauce), fruit salad (in a sweet white soup), cantoulope chunks, rice pudding and those very sweet balls (forget the name). Certainly a lot less spicy than a lot of other indian places I've tried (eg. Jaipur), but doesn't have much that I could recommend... except the nan bread, which was cooked fresh and served piping hot to my table (that I loved).

            I can't compare to what's considered "home cooking" as others have mentioned, since I've never eaten a real indian home cooked meal before.

            Perhaps their freshly cooked dinner dishes are better, but my wife and I were dissapointed with their lunch buffet. For a few dollars more, I'll stick to The Host for lunch buffet for now (a lot more comfortable seating arrangement as well) ...

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            1. re: Royaljelly

              Sorry you were disappointed, Royaljelly. I guess they tone down their heat level for "the masses" at the buffet. When ordering a la carte, the server always asks our preferred heat level, which we specify as "hot."

              1. re: FlavoursGal

                I went to the lunch buffet today. I can't say that I am an authority on Indian cooking or even like the stuff. I don't leave satiated, I leave exhausted by the flavour war that goes on in almost every dish. It seems that Indian cooking's goal is to obliterate the taste of every basic ingredient. This to me is the antithesis of good cooking in any culture. Nor do I like oily glop, although I love soups and sauces.But maybe I have something to offer here since I must be representative of a certain class of eaters.

                I " liked" Dhaba when it was on Albion Rd. and Curry Twist, but its not that I could eat there more than once a year for the "experience". Brar Sweets on Dixie also holds promise- strictly vegetarian- but has the same obliteration and chaos problems, and I do wish that the fruit they put out would be ripe and good, but this is Toronto even for Indians; but I would recommend it for others. My greatest pleasure at these places was that the Ms. enjoyed the meal. As for me, I find Indian spicing to be a struggle and a soporific; I don't mean boring, I mean that I fall asleep.

                So I went to the Khana Kajana, 7117 Bathurst St, 905-771-6661, where th eUzbek place used to be.

                I was drawn by the location , the pied piper words " all you can eat buffet" and the low price, $8.99 .

                Anyway, the location's intrique didn't pan out. I wondered in that location, above Steeles and below Chabad Gate , whether the owners were Indian Jews ( no , not like in Blazing Saddles, look it up in Wikipeadia(?) and what their cooking would be like. They are not. I was told that they are from the north of India, and operated a restaurant there.

                The food seemed better than at the usual Indian buffet. It seemed fresh, with less obliteration of the flavour of ingredients and less a glop. There seemed to be a desire to do a good job for the customer and be generous. The tandoori chicken (note my choice, glop free) was good. Pieces of chicken that were moist , meaty and tasty.

                $8.99 is a really great price for the meal , but you have to like the cooking. As for me I liked the naan (bread- I am Polish) and loved the 5 big goblets of ice water ( from a pitcher with a bit of lemon in it) and will be going to an Indian restaurant again in about 12-18 months. But I do recommend it to others.
                Incidentally, kids eat free, but good liuck getting your kids to eat the stuff.

                1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                  I have not experienced Indian Jewish food personally. My understanding, based solely on my reading, is that Indian Jewish food is very hot.