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Looking for an incredible salad in Cambridge/Somerville

Hi chowhounds!
After yesterday's heavy Easter meal, I'm looking for a really good salad. The kind that is so good you are surprised, because salads are, in general, disappointing. (The salad should have some greens in it)



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  1. Some places that seem to deliver consistently great green salads: Oleana, Craigie St Bistro, Rendezvous at Central Square, Gargoyles, Salts.

    1. Eastern Standard has a terrific salad with roasted beets. Also good: Upstairs on the Square, EVOO, Sel De La Terre, and Prezza

      Edit - Just noticed you're looking for Cambridge/Somerville. Duh. Upstairs on the Square, EVOO, Gargoyles, Cambridge 1, Casablanca.

      1. Za in Arlington has great standard salads on the menu as well as specials that are generally great as well -- loved the endive-based one last week.

        The salads at Not Your Average Joe's (Acton, Watertown, Arlington, and Medford/Malden, but not so much in Lexington...service issues there) are fresh and large at a good price point, even if some of them are a little bit boring/overwrought.

        1. They actually have some decent (and very large) salads at the S&S if you're loking for something low key.

          1. The God Salad at River Gods is very good - it has egg, beets, avocado, and all kinds of other good stuff on it. (Just get there early if you expect a table and reasonable noise levels.)

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              Bingo! Their salads ARE terrific. So glad you posted this reminder.

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                I agree, the Goddess Salad at River Gods is just what you are looking for.

              2. Cafe Anatolia has great salads. Their menu is available through campusfood.com

                1. Another place I can't believe I nearly forgot- Cafe Kiraz. Surprisingly good salads. Very affordable and they deliver.

                  1. One surprisingly not-half-bad place is Cambridge Common on Mass Ave near Harvard Law School. The place is basically a pub joint with a decent beer list, but I actually had a few salads there one week when my choir was rehearsing in the neighborhood and I was quite pleasantly surprised. The portions are quite generous, but the content is a bit more creative than your average Joe type place. And if you want to undo some of the good that you've done from having the salad, they also do have lovely curly french fries. Kitchen is also open until around midnight, which was also useful for us vis-a-vis rehearsal (not that you asked about late night salads).

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                      very surprisingly, from my experiences, but that was more than a year ago, so it could have changed quite a bit.

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                        Keep in mind that Dr. Jimbob's post is from April 2007. Things could indeed have changed quite a bit.

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                          dammit. That stuff gets me about twice a year. Especially because there's another salad thread that's current.

                    2. Loaded with fresh tasty greens and a large variety of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, Kiraz makes a superb salad! Their menu boasts 19 different salads including but going well beyond the standard Garden, Greek, Caesar, or Chef's to a creative list including: #8B - Spinach, mushrooms, red onions, avocado, and cherry tomatoes; 8I - Roasted beets (red & yellow!), with goat cheese, corn, pumpkin seeds, and mesclun mix; 8D - Autumn Salad with pecans, fresh pear, cranberries, blue cheese and mesclun; and my present favorite 8E - grilled peaches and plums with dried cherries, almonds, blue cheese, and mesclun. Each is offered with a choice from eleven salad dressings. I had always gone there before for their fabulous sandwiches. Now it's a tie between sandwiches and salads, all modestly priced.

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                        Right around the corner from me and I never even gave it a second glance - can't wait to check it out! Thanks for the tip.

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                          There's more than one Kiraz, but if this is the one in Somerville near Inman Square, it's a great call!

                          I dunno the salads but they used to have this frozen yogurt machine that insta-added cookies/candy/whatever to your treat. The Frozen Yogurt was mass produced but I liked it better than a lot of the stuff out there. Although that's about as far from a salad as I can get...

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                            That's the one. Full name Cafe Kiraz, 119 Hampshire Street, 5 blocks up from Inman Square, corner of Columbia.

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                            A bit off-topic, but I gotta give a shout-out...I believe it was finlero who turned me onto the black olive tapanade and artichoke melt sandwich at Kiraz. I haven't been there in ages so thanks for the reminder!

                            I miss finlero.

                          3. Simple but invariably fresh are the Turkish salads at Istanbulu - I love the white bean.