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Apr 9, 2007 01:23 PM

Looking for an incredible salad in Cambridge/Somerville

Hi chowhounds!
After yesterday's heavy Easter meal, I'm looking for a really good salad. The kind that is so good you are surprised, because salads are, in general, disappointing. (The salad should have some greens in it)



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  1. Some places that seem to deliver consistently great green salads: Oleana, Craigie St Bistro, Rendezvous at Central Square, Gargoyles, Salts.

    1. Eastern Standard has a terrific salad with roasted beets. Also good: Upstairs on the Square, EVOO, Sel De La Terre, and Prezza

      Edit - Just noticed you're looking for Cambridge/Somerville. Duh. Upstairs on the Square, EVOO, Gargoyles, Cambridge 1, Casablanca.

      1. Za in Arlington has great standard salads on the menu as well as specials that are generally great as well -- loved the endive-based one last week.

        The salads at Not Your Average Joe's (Acton, Watertown, Arlington, and Medford/Malden, but not so much in Lexington...service issues there) are fresh and large at a good price point, even if some of them are a little bit boring/overwrought.

        1. They actually have some decent (and very large) salads at the S&S if you're loking for something low key.

          1. The God Salad at River Gods is very good - it has egg, beets, avocado, and all kinds of other good stuff on it. (Just get there early if you expect a table and reasonable noise levels.)

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              Bingo! Their salads ARE terrific. So glad you posted this reminder.

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                I agree, the Goddess Salad at River Gods is just what you are looking for.