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Apr 9, 2007 01:18 PM

South Beach Miami - on a budget

My boyfriend and I are traveling to South Beach this weekend, and I would love some suggestions for restaurants/bars in the area. We would prefer not to spend more than $10-15 a plate, if possible, since we are on a budget. Neither of us are picky eaters and are open to any ideas/recommendations.


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  1. I was just there for the first time recently and asked for recommendations. Several people recommended Front Porch for breakfast. My wife and I went and it was terrific. Lots of food and reasonably priced. I posted about it and another place for Cuban after I returned.

    1. As long as you are not picky are a couple of places to check out...and by no means are any of them gourmet, fancy or edpensive....but rather solid and affordable...
      Big Pink on Collins and 2nd, lots of fun, lots of food...lots of south beach attitude and small prices....
      Also, for Cuban go to Puerta Sagua, (7th and Collins) it's where the locals go for Cuban, avoid most places on Ocean, overpriced and not very good...
      For a plurge night, it would still be affordable, maybe 60-70 for two go to Taverna Opa and you'll freel like you are in Greece, good food, not too expensive and a great party feel..

      1. Besides those mentioned.
        El Chalan
        A la Folie
        Cheeseburger Baby
        Mac & Cheese @ Prime 112 for Lunch
        Joe's Takeout
        Abecrombie Tuna Salad Sandwich @ epicure
        Casa Mia
        French Toast @ icebox
        Popcorn Paradise - great hot dogs
        Dogma - good hot dogs
        Pizza Rustica
        Presto Pizza
        The greek place by the shore club
        Liberty Cafe - argentinian steak
        I think Tap Tap just makes it...
        That aught to hold you over for the weekend :).

        1. San Loco at 7th and Washington for great burritos. Pita Plus, 10th and Washington for authentic Mediterrian lunch stuff (taboulah, baba ganoush, an excellent shwarma).
          Ouzo's Taverna in North Beach has fantastic Greek and not too expensive. Also Norman's tavern up in North Beach on Collins Ave.
          The Big Pink is good. David's Cafe on Lincoln Road has a decent cuban style breakfast cheap. Nexxt on Lincoln Road has great salads. Balans on Lincoln is good too.
          Enjoy your visit.

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            The Big Pink is *definitely* a great place to go!

            Oddly enough, the Wet Willie's right on Ocean Ave. has some pretty decent burgers, and if you hit the Cleavelander at happy hour, you can get some good food and great drink prices! Not to mention the people watching! Fat Tuesday's serves sandwhiches, but I have never eaten there.

            The good thing about SoBe (which is a bit irritating for the locals) is the fact that most restaurants have someone standing outside with flyers and whatnot - advertising special deals. They are usually promoting Happy Hours, but there are some 2-4-1s out there or buy one meal and get one meal half price.

            Have a great time while you are down there! Enjoy yourself and don't underestimate the need for sunscreen! =)

          2. there was another sobe on a budget thread a week or so south beach + budget and you'll find it. it had a lot of good stuff on it.

            Here's some "food for thought" in the meantime.

            groceries worthy of a peak: The Legendary Epicure Market on Alton and Lincoln. Wild Oats on ALton and 10th. La Playa Market (take out only) 3rd and Collins-just a block from the beach. Get there early (before noon during the week) and walk over to one of the best beaches in the city 2-3rd St.

            La Sandwicherie: practically a sobe institution at this point 19 years and still running. 14th St between Collins and Washington.

            Finnigans- 14th and Ocean is a nice place for drinks and reasonable eats. They actually got the best steak award a while back in a local rag.

            Joe's Takeway-1st and Washington. This sobe institution is worthy of your doe! They have the best fish sammies in town for under ten bux!

            Cheeseburger Baby-15th and Washington. Get the baby burger or the big one and you'll be plenty pleased! $5 all the draft you can drink on weekends...

            Rosinellas and Tiramesu on Lincoln have good inexpensive pastas, the later offers a beat the clock special, 5:30-7pm, buy at 5:30 pay 5.30, etc...they do the same thing at their sister restaurants next door Le Bon and Spris.

            Pizza Rustica-3 locations. 9th & 15th and wash. Lincoln Rd also.

            News Cafe-8th and Ocean.

            Taverna Opa-1st and Ocean.

            Front Porch-14th & Ocean.

            Tapas y Tintos-Espanola Way.

            Las Olas-6th and Euclid