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Apr 9, 2007 01:17 PM

5 days in Kansas City (visiting from San Francisco)

Hi All,

My family (mother, brother and his fiancee) are visiting from San Francisco, to visit the new baby but also to see KC for the first time. I've only recently moved here myself and have had a newborn baby all that time so haven't exactly been checking out the restaurant scene very thoroughly. Where should we go? I live in Fairway, so nowhere too far away (ruling out, sadly, Stroud's, where I'm dying to go. With 2 kids there is a limited window of time for meals so a long commute is out of the question).

On the list so far is: Jack Stack's on the Plaza and/or Oklahoma Joe's. Foo's Custard in Brookside (any restaurant to recommend nearby?). And possibly Blue Nile at the City Market, since we like Ethiopian and the City Market is a nice place to walk around.

Obviously they get plenty of great Asian and Mexican food in SF.

Other ideas please?

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  1. I would definitely recommend Succotash in the City Market for breakfast/brunch, and for out of this world steaks, Hereford House is the only way to go IMO (I was there last week and I'm still thinking about how wonderful the food was). They have multiple locations, but I would recommend the original @ 20th and Main.

    In Brookside, definitely Carmen's--that is some of the best food I've ever had in my life.

    If you can make it to Stroud's you should definitely try to. From Fairway, its no further to drive up north than it would be to drive out to Town Center Plaza or places south of that. I live north of the river (not too far from Strouds) and its all highway and Stroud's is right off I-35. Definitely worth the drive!

    Hope your family has a great time!

    1. My picks would be:
      Grand Street Cafe
      Italian- Lidia's, Garozzo's or Cupini's Market (Westport or Downtown)
      40 Sardines- Leawood
      The Mixx off of the Plaza
      BBQ- Ok Joe's or Arthur Bryant's.
      Mexican- Rudy's in Westport or OP Mi Ranchito
      Something new at Briarcliff- Trezo Mare
      You could go to JP Wine Bar in the Crossroads, or take a Boulevard Brewery tour. Great fun! Wish I was showing people around!

      1. osterio il centro close to plaza--great italian
        debronx on 39th--great sandwiches, pizza
        bell street mamas--breakfast (50 different omelets, deep fried cinnamon rolls!) its right across the street from dbronx
        bluebird bistro in city market has great organic menus...being from sf, they might already be jaded, but for kc, its pretty good
        jack stack is a definate thumbs up--get the pork or lamb ribs, corn, and beans
        el chamas is an ayce brazilian buffet--AMAZING. great write up recently in a kc newspaper. roasted meat on skewers, its a carnivores dream. solid sides and great bread. best salad bar of any restaurant ive ever been too, pricey though. try not to fill up on the sides because meat is good and you feel like you need to eat in order to feel like you are getting your money's worth
        good burgers at westport flea market
        piropos new location in briarcliff is great--get the steak and try all the different dipping sauces
        lidias is a great choice for itailian too--ive never been but only heard good things
        arthur bryants is a kc institution, but reviews are mixed

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          Brazilian buffet in KC? My prayers have been answered. Can you please provide the address?

          1. re: reenum

            Em Chamas, rather than El Chamas:


            6101 NW 63rd Terrace
            Kansas City, MO 64151

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Just ate at Oklahoma Joe's....the line was out of the door! Great BBQ and well worth the wait! Highly recommend!