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Apr 9, 2007 01:07 PM

I put charcoal in my gas grill..........

Is this bad? If it is I dont wanna be right.

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  1. It is only bad if you decide to light the charcoal. This is an idea that could end badly! Most gas grills are aluminium bodies that are not meant to be exposed to the intense heat that charcoal produces. Your grill could warp, or in the worst case, actually catch on fire. I live in a college town and it has become a harbinger of spring to see the molten globs that were formerly gas grills used for charcoal. If you do decide to make a habit of this(vs. buying a $30 charcoal grill) make sure the grill is not on or under a flamable surface.

    1. On a similar point: Can you convert a good charcoal grill to gas?

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        You probably could, but why would you? The only reason I'd see is to do what the weber performer already does like a champ- use propane to light the coals initially- that said it uses pretty darn good fittings and separates the tank quite a ways from the kettle. For the risk of safety involved, I'd rather just spend the 250 or so and buy a weber performer.

        1. re: mojoeater

          Why would you want to convert a charcoal grill to gas? For ease of lighting or for the times you just want to make one burger and dont feel like firing up a whole kettle of charcoal?

          1. re: ESNY

            I have a beautiful charcoal grill and don't have space for two on my deck. But, yes, sometimes a gas grill would be more convenient.

        2. I work for a gas company, so I called the service tech and here's what he said. DO NOT put charcoal into the grill, as it will clog the lighter with ash and carbon. This may pose a safety hazard the next time you go to light it as gas may build up in the cavity because of the clogs and it could explode. And no, you can't convert it because of the way gas grills are constructed differently than charcoal grills. mattrapp's point is well taken.

          1. "Idaknow"-
            I use our gas BBQ all the time and there's plenty of old briquettes in there. Never saw S.O. adding new ones though. What I also have, adding now each time I BBQ, is water soaked wood chips: cherry, mesquite, etc. S.O. lights the BBQ and that's it. Then, I throw on the chips. Helps to make the meat esp. chicken so extra yummy. KQ